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Bakery Simulator Achievements

Full list of Bakery Simulator achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Bakery Simulator has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Certified Baker Certified Baker 0 Complete the tutorial 25
Our baby yeast is growing up Our baby yeast is growing up 0 Reach level 2 25
Getting baked Getting baked 0 Reach level 5 25
Keep it crispy Keep it crispy 0 Reach level 10 30
Reaching new flavors Reaching new flavors 0 Reach level 20 50
Baker the wise Baker the wise 0 Reach level 30 80
Crispy Palace Crispy Palace 0 Unlock the second bakery 30
Delicious Castle Delicious Castle 0 Unlock the third bakery 50
Sweet Beginnings Sweet Beginnings 0 Complete first order 25
Smart Cookie Smart Cookie 0 Unlock the first perk 25
Sugar and spice Sugar and spice 0 Reach the maximum level of relations with other bakeries 50
Excalibun Excalibun 0 Unlock first machine’s upgrade 25
Breadminator Breadminator 0 Buy all the machines’ upgrades 50
Butter it up Butter it up 0 Change the color of the walls 30
Loaf of peace Loaf of peace 0 Unlock 2 bakeries 30
Croissant of friendship Croissant of friendship 0 Unlock 4 bakeries 50
Bun of fame Bun of fame 0 Unlock 6 bakeries 80
Burned round to success Burned round to success 0 Spoil first order 30
Breaking Bread Breaking Bread 0 Unlock all the recipes 80
The way of the baker The way of the baker 0 Open Bakerypedia for the first time 25
Fast and Flourious Fast and Flourious 0 Complete an order in less than 5 minutes 50
Beat the Dough Beat the Dough 0 Complete the order before time is up 30
Throw like a baker Throw like a baker 0 Throw objects for the first time 25
Loaf in the shelf Loaf in the shelf 0 Unlock all machines 30
Bakery sweet bakery Bakery sweet bakery 0 Change the whole bakery’s décor 50