Into the Belly of the Beast Achievements

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There are 29 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Gluten Transfusion Gluten Transfusion 0 Defeat The Glutton 50
Guardian Angel Guardian Angel 0 Save your first child 20
Swallowed Swallowed 0 There's something in your throat 50
Flurry Flurry 0 Respiratory distress 50
Putting on your trainers Putting on your trainers 0 Collect your share of upgrades 50
Completionist Completionist 0 You managed to find all monsters in the bestiary 100
Collector Collector 0 You engaged in combat with at least 50% of all the beasts inhabitants 20
Veggie Power Veggie Power 0 Successfully end your playtrough by mostly eathing green DNA (80%) 20
Cannibalistic Instincts Cannibalistic Instincts 0 Why hunt, when tasty food presents itself? Congratulations! Your a canibal. 20
Insatiable Insatiable 0 Defeat at least 100 enemies 20
High Deity High Deity 0 Beat the game, without having died a single time. Including checkpoints. 100
Luckless Shroom Luckless Shroom 0 You managed to defeat a boss, but managed to die anyway. Well... 10
Sticky Fingers Sticky Fingers 0 Find all the hidden treasures 50
Sushi for two Sushi for two 0 Defeat Octokay 20

Secret Achievements

A Bottle of Milk A Bottle of Milk 0 You died the true death two times in succession, on the same stage 50
Family Reunion Family Reunion 0 You successfully rescued all of your offspring. 25
Monster-Kill Monster-Kill 0 Four in One 10
Shared Pain Shared Pain 0 Two in One 50
Survival Specialist Survival Specialist 0 You managed to defeat a boss with only 10% of your own life left. 50
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter 0 You managed to defeat a boss without ever taking damage 25
Brainfreeze Brainfreeze 0 Good Thinking, sir! 40
Advanced Plumping Advanced Plumping 0 Find a way to escape the beast 50
Eyeballsoup Eyeballsoup 0 Defeat Gallerta 20
Shared Brain Shared Brain 0 Defeat the Twins 20
Multi-Kill Multi-Kill 0 Three in One 25
Dyspepsia Dyspepsia 0 Hard to digest 5
Crystal Heart Crystal Heart 0 Manage to end a stage in full health 25
Bullhorn Bullhorn 0 Beat the game, without restarting a single stage. 10
O sweet pull of flesh O sweet pull of flesh 0 Meat an fishballs. End your game by eating mostly purple DNA (80 %) 15