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Perfect Woman Achievements

Find all the Perfect Woman achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Born Born 0 Be born from your mother's womb. 10
Death Death 0 You have experienced death 10
Gruesome Death Gruesome Death 0 You died a gruesome death. 20
10 Lives 10 Lives 0 You've experienced 10 lives 30
100 Lives 100 Lives 0 You lived 100 lives 50
So many fun ways to die So many fun ways to die 0 You died 10 gruesome deaths 30

Secret Achievements

Space Camp Space Camp 0 You are more than this material world 50
Conservative Life Conservative Life 0 You’re so traditional. We hope you’re happy! 100
Career Woman Career Woman 0 You’re super talented, eager and successful. And unfortunately always burned out. 100
Hippie Hippie 0 Relaxed, drunk and happy. Hopefully it stays like that! 100
Sexy Sexy 0 Everyone loves your body. Especially you! 100
Extremist Extremist 0 You’re so extreme, it hurts. 100
Boring Woman Boring Woman 0 You’re eager, happy and rich. The normal stuff. 100
Family Life Family Life 0 Awwww, you’re so caring! 100
Hard Life Hard Life 0 Child labour, grieve, burn out - you’ve had it all. 100