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Dungeon Escape: Console Edition

Roenko Games
Eastasiasoft Limited

Dungeon Escape: Console Edition

Following (0) Developer: Roenko Games
Publisher: Eastasiasoft Limited Xbox Store: here


Find a way out or die trying repeatedly in this challenging 2D platformer!

You’ve been trapped in a dungeon filled with deadly traps and ruthless enemies! But with enough cunning and nimble dexterity, there could still be a chance at survival, however small it may be. Navigate chambers of increasing difficulty as your search for an exit. Dodge or kill your captors, find keys to unlock doors, leap over spikes and watch out for saw blades!

Dungeon Escape features numerous single-screen challenges, each of which can be retried as many times as necessary. Die and repeat, learn from mistakes and feel your skills improving with each attempt. Can you overcome the many trials that lie ahead?

Offline Players: 1
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO

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