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Heidelberg, Germany


LAB132 is an independent developer and publisher of high quality interactive media content. Founded in 2017 and based in Heidelberg, Germany, the team has a long history in the production of digital entertainment software.

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Company Details
Company Name LAB132
Twitter @laboratory132
Headquarters Heidelberg, Germany

Games developed by LAB132

Astral Tracks boxart for Xbox Series

Astral Tracks

Astral Tracks is a competitive 3D platforming speedrunner where you run, dash, slide, swing and wall run your way to victory. Compete against friends locally or online and refine your runs to top the leaderboards for each procedurally generated track..

Platform: Xbox Series

2024 boxart for Xbox One

n space, no one can hear you scream - neither a victorious cry, nor one loaded with frustration. So what shall it be, Space Pioneer, when you are the Captain of it all? BUILD A WONDROUS VIEW Build, install and redesign your station to perfection ..

Platform: Xbox One

April 22, 2022

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