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3D Speedrunning Platformer 'Astral Tracks' announced for console and PC

3D Speedrunning Platformer 'Astral Tracks' announced for console and PC

Published: Tuesday, August 15, 2023Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Steam, Windows, Xbox Series X|S

LAB132 (@laboratory132) revealed that Astral Tracks, a competitive speedrunning 3D platformer that puts a host of dynamic movement possibilities at your disposal, is coming to console and PC. From Spider-Man-like swinging, to Titanfall-esque wallrunning, you must use these abilities to complete Astral Tracks’ procedurally generated platforming levels as quickly as possible and defeat your friends both locally and online.

3D Speedrunning Platformer 'Astral Tracks' announced for console and PC

In Astral Tracks, you run, jump, dash, swing, slide and wallrun your way through procedurally generated tracks constructed from hand-made chunks. The game’s variety of movement options encourages you to refine your runs and experiment with new approaches to compete for the best times as you deal with whatever surprising obstacles the game throws up. Astral Tracks features both online and local multiplayer support, as well as online leaderboards, providing all the motivation you need to jump back in and shave a few seconds off your time.

Daily, weekly and monthly challenges add an extra dimension of fun to your runs through Astral Tracks’ cyber-sci-fi settings and serve to ratchet up the level of competition by bringing players together to compete on the same tracks. Your progress through the game will be rewarded with unlockable costumes and accessories that can be purchased with in-game currency (there are no microtransactions), from peculiar tin-foil hats to elegant butterfly wings, adding an outlandish splash of eccentricity to the game’s Marvel-inspired interdimensional sci-fi aesthetics.

Astral Tracks is coming soon on console and PC! No release date was announced.

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