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Nightdive Studios

Vancouver, Washington, United States

Nightdive Studios

Based in Vancouver, Washington, Nightdive Studios is a dedicated team of industry veterans committed to restoring the classic PC game titles of the past and making them accessible to a new generation of gamers.

Some of Nightdive Studios' most popular games are:

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Company Details
Company Name Nightdive Studios
Twitter @NightdiveStudio
Headquarters Vancouver, Washington, United States

Games developed by Nightdive Studios

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition boxart for Xbox One

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition

Blade Runner remaster coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition will include updated character models and animations, widescreen resolution support, upscaled cutscenes, and keyboard and controller customization. ..

Platform: Xbox One

June 23, 2022

DOOM 64 boxart for Xbox One


Celebrate DOOM's 25th anniversary with the release of DOOM 64, originally released on the Nintendo 64 in 1997, and now available for the first time on Xbox One. Fight against demons in your crusade to hunt down the Mother of Demons and stop Hell's..

Platform: Xbox One

March 20, 2020

Forsaken Remastered boxart for Xbox One

Forsaken Remastered

An experiment gone wrong has ripped away the Earth's atmosphere. Bathed in the scorching radiation of the sun, the planet has been condemned. Abandoned by all intelligent beings, what remains is a treasure trove of loot in the form of energy sources ..

Platform: Xbox One

July 31, 2018

Shadow Man Remastered boxart for Xbox One

Shadow Man Remastered

Shadow Man Remastered, an enhanced edition of the 1999 action adventure game, is coming to console and PC in 2022! He is coming, stalking criminals in the spirit world and the real world. A possessed man is coming, a voodoo mask in his chest and l..

Platform: Xbox One

January 13, 2022

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster boxart for Xbox One

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster is set to release on February 28, 2024, on Xbox One, Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC! Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster has been brought to life by the team at Nightdive Studios, fully remastered through..

Platform: Xbox One

February 28, 2024

System Shock Remastered boxart for Xbox One

System Shock Remastered

System Shock is a complete remake of the genre defining classic from 1994, rebuilt from the ground up with the Unity Engine. System Shock was one of the first 3D games that took a methodical approach to exploration while revealing a story driven n..

Platform: Xbox One


Turok boxart for Xbox One


Turok is back and no dinosaur is safe! When it was first released in 1997, Turok introduced gamers to a world teeming with cunning enemies, traps, puzzles and deadly weapons all within a vast 3D environment ready to explore. Now the classic game has ..

Platform: Xbox One

March 02, 2018

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil boxart for Xbox One

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Having defeated the Campaigner, Turok throws the Chronocepter into a waiting volcano to destroy it. Unfortunately the blast awakens an even deadlier force - The Primagen. Once again a Turok is tasked with restoring peace to the land and stopping the ..

Platform: Xbox One

March 02, 2018

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Remastered boxart for Xbox One

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Remastered

Finish the hunt in this epic finale to the Turok Trilogy. Pick up immediately after the events of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, with dual protagonists Joseph and Danielle Fireseed, of the Turok family tree, as they battle the titular antagonist Oblivion an..

Platform: Xbox One

November 30, 2023

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