Poker Mega Pack For Xbox One Available Now

Poker Mega Pack For Xbox One Available Now

Published: Friday, April 06, 2018Tagged: Xbox DLC, Gaming, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox Store,

An all new 'Poker Mega Pack' bundle is now available to purchase via the Xbox Store on Xbox One.

Poker Mega Pack For Xbox One Available Now

Get the complete Pure Hold’em experience with this all-inclusive bundle. Pocket the base game alongside all available card decks and chip sets to start your hustle to the top in style! This bundle includes: Pure Hold’em World Poker Championship base game, Undead Card Deck, Bold Card Deck, Ringleader Card Deck, Steampunk Card Deck, Lucha Libre Card Deck, 100% Hemp Card Deck, Plume Card Deck, Hamilton Card Deck, Macabre Care Deck, Sorcerer Card Deck, Vortex Chip Set, King’s Ransom Chip Set and Paradise City Chip Set.

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Xbox Store: here
Xbox One Games: Pure Hold'em Poker
Price: $39.99 / € 39,99 / £31.99 / $52.34 AU

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