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Glob Games Studio

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Company Name Glob Games Studio

Games published by Glob Games Studio

MicroMan Xbox One boxart


The player's goal will be to find a way to return to his normal size. As the developers explain, the road to achieve this will not be short and easy, and the gameplay itself will be very diverse and include various interesting and surprising elements..

Platform: Xbox One


Party Crasher Simulator Xbox One boxart

Party Crasher Simulator

Party Crasher Simulator is a new project developed by the Polish Glob Games Studio, which will also be the publisher of the game. The company is simultaneously working on an unusual action game titled MicroMan, which is said to combine an extraordina..

Platform: Xbox One


Wild Side Xbox One boxart

Wild Side

Wild Side is an adventure game with survival elements. The project uses the Unreal Engine. During the game, you see the player from a third person perspective, and in the case of creating items and interacting - first person...

Platform: Xbox One


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