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Voodoo Vince: Remastered Achievements

Find all the Voodoo Vince: Remastered achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Beads For Deeds Beads For Deeds 0 First monster destroyed. 20
Who Do?  You Do. Who Do? You Do. 0 Use a Voodoo Power. 20
It's Got What Dolls Crave It's Got What Dolls Crave 0 Collect 100 Dust Bags. 20
X-Ray Specs X-Ray Specs 0 Use All-Seeing Eye to see stuff. 20
Soft Landing Soft Landing 0 Hover for longer than 10 seconds. 20
Good Catch Good Catch 0 Collect first Power Skull. 20
Public Transit Public Transit 0 Take Vince on a trolley ride. 20
All That Jazz All That Jazz 0 Play a trumpet with Bones in The Square. 15
Persistent Little Fella Persistent Little Fella 0 Get all parts for Professor Ethel's balloon. 15
Career Potential Career Potential 0 Win Zombie Guidance Counselor. 15
Faster Than Lights Faster Than Lights 0 Open the large crypt in Downtown Crypt City. 15
Locally Sourced Locally Sourced 0 Beat the Sausage Factory. 15
Sous Chef Sous Chef 0 Collect all gumbo ingredients for Jimmy. 15
Electrical Contractor Electrical Contractor 0 Activate all generators at Kosmo's carnival. 15
Makin' Bacon Makin' Bacon 0 Destroy the piggy bank. 20
Great Dolls of Fire Great Dolls of Fire 0 Blow up Reggie & Primo. 20
Dead Eye Dead Eye 0 Shoot Vince through the hole in the wall. 20
This House Is Clean This House Is Clean 0 Complete all of Dolly's quests 20
Swamp Captain Swamp Captain 0 Beat Jimmy's Fanboat Race. 20
He Was So Handsome He Was So Handsome 0 Defeat Evil Vince. 20
Way Too Bossy Way Too Bossy 0 Defeat The Bone Goliath. 30
One Head Is Better Than Two One Head Is Better Than Two 0 Defeat Janice in the Central Arena. 30
Nice Ridin' Partner! Nice Ridin' Partner! 0 Win Rat Race Rodeo. 30
Goodbye Dolly! Goodbye Dolly! 0 Defeat Dolly and her poodle minions. 30
Zombie Dust In The Wind Zombie Dust In The Wind 0 Defeat Hurricane Hanna. 30
Wrecking Crew Wrecking Crew 0 Beat the Kosmobot and win the game! 100
Tidying Up The Place Tidying Up The Place 0 Collect all Dust Bags. 50
Cranial Completionist Cranial Completionist 0 Collect all Power Skulls 50
Pages for the Ages Pages for the Ages 0 Collect all Skull Pages. 50
Arsenal of Ouch Arsenal of Ouch 0 Collect all Voodoo Powers. 50
Watch That First Step Watch That First Step 0 Fall into a bottomless pit. 10
Less Than Seaworthy Less Than Seaworthy 0 Vince falls into water. 10
Power Shopper Power Shopper 0 Visit all shops in The Square. 15
Tin Ear Tin Ear 0 Play the trumpet badly for the jazz man in The Square. 10
Head Games Head Games 0 Kill monsters with a head slam from above 50 feet. 30
Baker's Dozen Baker's Dozen 0 Destroy 13 monsters with a single Voodoo Power attack. 20
Flail-o-rama Flail-o-rama 0 Beat Zombie Guidance Counselor without using Voodoo Powers. 20
The Old Fashioned Way The Old Fashioned Way 0 Defeat a Bubbagator without using a Voodoo Power. 15
Dizzy Destruction Dizzy Destruction 0 Beat 100 enemies using the spin attack. 10
Vince: Destroyer of Worlds Vince: Destroyer of Worlds 0 Kill 1000 enemies with Voodoo Powers. 30
Swing Time Swing Time 0 Use the Swing Pin for the first time 15