Sniper Elite 4 - Target Fuhrer Achievements


There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Target Führer: Albert Hall Target Führer: Albert Hall 0 Kill the Dictator with a testicle shot (Target Führer DLC) 10
Hot Pot Hot Pot 0 Kill Hitler with the casserole (Target Führer DLC) 20
Minesweeper Minesweeper 0 Blow up Hitler on VIP boat with a sea mine (Target Führer DLC) 20
STRIKE!! STRIKE!! 0 Kill Hitler with a torpedo rack (Target Führer DLC) 20
The Eagle Has Landed The Eagle Has Landed 0 Crush Hitler with the Eagle at the ceremony (Target Führer DLC) 10
Total War Total War 0 Complete all challenges (Target Führer DLC) 30
Down Periscope Down Periscope 0 Kill Hitler with the submarine (Target Führer DLC) 10
Target Führer: 0 Days Without Incident Target Führer: 0 Days Without Incident 0 Kill Hitler with any explosive item/trap (Target Führer DLC) 10
Silent but Violent Silent but Violent 0 Kill Hitler and exfiltrate without being detected (Target Führer DLC) 30
Base Desires Base Desires 0 Complete all Optional Objectives and destroy the base (Target Führer DLC) 20
Final Reckoning Final Reckoning 0 Complete the Mission (Target Führer DLC) 10
Deja View to a Kill Deja View to a Kill 0 Kill Hitler (Target Führer DLC) 10

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