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Songbringer Achievements

Full list of Songbringer achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Songbringer has 32 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Wielder Wielder 0 Wield the Nanosword. 5
Explorer Explorer 0 Enter a dungeon. 5
White Belt White Belt 0 Finish the first dungeon. 10
Yellow Belt Yellow Belt 0 Finish the second dungeon. 10
Orange Belt Orange Belt 0 Finish the third dungeon. 10
Green Belt Green Belt 0 Finish the fourth dungeon. 10
Blue Belt Blue Belt 0 Finish the fifth dungeon. 10
Purple Belt Purple Belt 0 Finish the sixth dungeon. 10
Red Belt Red Belt 0 Finish the seventh dungeon. 10
Brown Belt Brown Belt 0 Finish the eighth dungeon. 10
Black Belt Black Belt 0 Finish the ninth dungeon. 10
Shopper Shopper 0 Buy an item from a store. 10
Psychedelic Wanderer Psychedelic Wanderer 0 Use a cactus to find a secret. 25
Etheric Etheric 0 Walk a secret path. 25
Brute Enforcer Brute Enforcer 0 Open a secret wall. 25
Friend of Durin Friend of Durin 0 Speak friend and enter. 25
Smiley Gladhander Smiley Gladhander 0 Interact with every NPC. 50
Crafty Crafty 0 Combine two items at the Droidsmith. 25
Simukiller Simukiller 0 Kill four or more enemies at once. 25
Omnikiller Omnikiller 0 Kill every kind of enemy at least once. 25
Lucid Lucid 0 Clear an easy dungeon of all enemies. 10
Pellucid Pellucid 0 Clear a difficult dungeon of all enemies. 25
Survivalist Survivalist 0 Have less than 1 courage after vanquishing a boss. 20
Permenant Being Permenant Being 0 Complete the game in Permadeath mode. 50
Speedrunner Speedrunner 0 Complete the game in under 2.5 hours. 75
Vanquisher Vanquisher 0 Complete the game with any percentage of items. 25
Completionist Completionist 0 Complete the game with 100% items. 75
Journeyer Journeyer 0 Complete the game with 100% of the map uncovered. 75
Cheapskate Cheapskate 0 Complete the game without buying any items. 25
Swordless Master Swordless Master 0 Complete the game without the Nanosword in Permadeath mode. 75
Doubler of Eleven Doubler of Eleven 0 Play the game at 11:11 AM or PM. 10
Wizard Wizard 0 Unlock all achievements. 200