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Jettomero Achievements

Find all the Jettomero achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Finding A Purpose Finding A Purpose 0 Defeated a Monster 25
A History Revealed A History Revealed 0 Unlocked all back issues 100
Comet Hunter Comet Hunter 0 Destroyed a comet 100
Accessory Master Accessory Master 0 Collected all parts 100
Too Hot to Handle Too Hot to Handle 0 Dove into the sun 25
Rubble Rescue Rubble Rescue 0 Searched rubble for survivors 25
Forest Ranger Forest Ranger 0 Extinguished a forest fire 25
Storm Chaser Storm Chaser 0 Chased a storm away 25
Jumping Through Hoops Jumping Through Hoops 0 Reached the secret system 100
Assisted Takeoff Assisted Takeoff 0 Used a volcano to launch into space 50
Rock Breaker Rock Breaker 0 Destroyed 25 asteroids 100
Lunar Standing Lunar Standing 0 Obliterated a moon 25

Secret Achievements

Finally a Hero Finally a Hero 0 Destroyed the enemy base 100
To be or not to be To be or not to be 0 Chose to live or die 100
There Can Be Only One There Can Be Only One 0 Destroyed 5 imposters 100