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Need for Speed: Payback Achievements

Find all the Need for Speed: Payback achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 53 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

1500 bhp... Easy 1500 bhp... Easy 0 Win a race in the Koenigsegg Regera without damaging it 25
Aces High Aces High 0 Complete all Jumps 20
Active Lifestyle Active Lifestyle 0 Get a 3 Star Rating on all the Activities in the game 40
A Daily a Day A Daily a Day 0 Complete your first Daily Challenge 15
Another Man's Treasure Another Man's Treasure 0 Get a Derelict car to 399 Performance Level 25
Perfect Shift Perfect Shift 0 Win a Drag Race round by performing only perfect shifts 20
Carbon Cartel Carbon Cartel 0 Equip a full setup with the Carbon brand 10
Comeback is Real Comeback is Real 0 Be last during the final lap of a race and still win 10
Cover Stars Cover Stars 0 Own the BMW M5 2017, NISSAN Skyline GT-R (1999) and Chevrolet Bel Air 40
Does Not Obey Does Not Obey 0 Smash your way through all the Billboards 20
Driving the Incredible Driving the Incredible 0 Get a score of over 350,000 points with the BMW M5 2017 during a Drift Trial event 25
First Strike is Deadly First Strike is Deadly 0 Complete all 5 events in a single Speedlist 15
Flat-Out Flat-Out 0 Complete all Speed Runs 20
Friendly Competition Friendly Competition 0 Beat your first Autolog Recommendation 15
Hope and Glory Hope and Glory 0 Equip a full setup with the Americana brand 10
One Man's Trash One Man's Trash 0 Assemble a Derelict car 25
Outlaws on the Rise Outlaws on the Rise 0 Equip a full setup with the Outlaw brand 10
Scrappy Racer Scrappy Racer 0 Win an event using a Derelict car 10
Sideways Style Sideways Style 0 Complete all Drift Zones 20
Still Not Lovin Police Still Not Lovin Police 0 Take down 100 cop vehicles 40
Tech Mate Tech Mate 0 Equip a full setup with the NexTech brand 10
The Artist The Artist 0 Unlock all Visual Customization points 20
The Climb The Climb 0 Complete 10 events in Ranked Speedlists 40
The Strategist The Strategist 0 Grind a previously won narrative event for Speed Cards 25
The Mogul The Mogul 0 Buy all available Garage spaces 20
Tinker, Tailor, Racer, Fly Tinker, Tailor, Racer, Fly 0 Win a Race Event with a modified live tuning setup 10
Top Dog Top Dog 0 Reach REP level 50 40
Training Wheels Off Training Wheels Off 0 Reach REP level 2 10
Wherever I May Roam Wherever I May Roam 0 Beat all 4 Roaming Racer bosses 40
Who Runs this Town? Who Runs this Town? 0 Win all the events and beat all the Roaming Racers in the game 60
You've Got the Need You've Got the Need 0 Complete all Speed Traps 20
Under the Hood Under the Hood 0 Equip a full setup with the Chidori brand 10
Supercars for Breakfast Supercars for Breakfast 0 Beat all the members of the 1% Club roaming racers league in the Nissan GT-R 25

Secret Achievements

Against All Odds Against All Odds 0 Bring down The House 60
Aki Kimura Aki Kimura 0 Defeat Noise Bomb league boss Aki Kimura 5
Big Sister Big Sister 0 Defeat Riot Club league boss Big Sister 5
Faith Jones Faith Jones 0 Defeat Free Ember Militia league boss Faith Jones 5
Gallo Rivera Gallo Rivera 0 Defeat Silver Six league boss 'Gallo' Rivera 5
Holtzman Holtzman 0 Defeat Hazard Company league boss Holtzman 5
Hyperspeed Hyperspeed 0 Hit 240 mph using any car 10
All In All In 0 Collect all of the Gambler's Chips 20
La Catrina La Catrina 0 Defeat Graveyard Shift league boss La Catrina 5
Mitko Vasilev Mitko Vasilev 0 Defeat Diamond Block league boss Mitko Vasilev 5
Natalia Nova Natalia Nova 0 Defeat One Percent Club league boss Natalia Nova 5
Back in the Game Back in the Game 0 Reassemble the crew 20
We Got This We Got This 0 Complete the Highway Heist 20
Double or Nothing Double or Nothing 0 Steal two gold-plated cars 20
Spread the Word Spread the Word 0 Win your first event against a Street League 10
I Fought the Law I Fought the Law 0 Escape the Skyhammer 20
Udo Roth Udo Roth 0 Defeat League 73 league boss Udo Roth 5
Underground Soldier Underground Soldier 0 Defeat Shift-Lock league boss The Underground Soldier 5
Welcome to Fortune Valley Welcome to Fortune Valley 0 Complete the Prologue 10
Pranked Pranked 0 Beat Jesse Wellens in an Outrun Race 15

Need for Speed: Payback - Speedcross Story Bundle

There are 4 achievements with a total of 250 points.

Accelerate Your Potential Accelerate Your Potential 0 Buy the INFINITI Q60 S from the Speedcross dealership 50
Built for the Adventurer Built for the Adventurer 0 Buy the MINI JCW Countryman from the Speedcross dealership 50
Maximum Insanity Maximum Insanity 0 Fully upgrade a Speedcross car 50
Speedcross Champion Speedcross Champion 0 Complete the Fortune Valley Speedcross Series 100