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Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption Achievements

Find all the Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 61 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Sinner Sinner 0 Unlock all other achievements 100
Rush & Slash Rush & Slash 0 Perform a Sprint attack 15
Split Second Split Second 0 Perform a Parry 15
Sacrificed Sacrificed 0 Perform a Sacrifice 15
Redeemed Redeemed 0 Redeem a Sin 15
Banished Banished 0 Banish a Sin 15
Skilled Skilled 0 Perfect 10 normal attacks in a row 15
Triumph Triumph 0 Defeat a enemy 15
Fallen Fallen 0 Die from a fall 15
Incendiary Incendiary 0 Sacrifice yourself to the flame 15
K.O K.O 0 Get knocked out of the arena by Rhodes 15
Nimble Nimble 0 Dodge Rhodes' Shield Charge 15
Ride the Wave Ride the Wave 0 Dodge Rhodes' Shock Wave 15
Leg Hugger Leg Hugger 0 Hide under Rhodes' feet during the entire fight 15
Friendly Fire Friendly Fire 0 Use Rhodes' attacks to kill 10 Slave Warriors 15
Proud Rhodes Proud Rhodes 0 Defeat Rhodes 15
Cursed Cursed 0 Die from Faiz Tilus' Curse 15
Poisoned Poisoned 0 Die from Faiz Tilus' Poison 15
Fallen Short Fallen Short 0 Die to Faiz Tilus after experiencing all his tricks 15
Hex Proof Hex Proof 0 Avoid Faiz Tilus' Hex Ritual 15
Cleansed by Fire Cleansed by Fire 0 Defeat Faiz Tilus with fire 15
Greedy Faiz Tilus Greedy Faiz Tilus 0 Defeat Faiz Tilus 15
Devoured Devoured 0 Get devoured by Camber Luce 15
Six Feet Ice Under Six Feet Ice Under 0 Fall into the Frozen Sea while fighting Camber Luce 15
Stomach Settler Stomach Settler 0 Defeat Camber Luce without exploiting his weakness 15
Abdominal Trauma Abdominal Trauma 0 Defeat Camber Luce by heavily exploiting his weakness 15
Gluttonous Camber Luce Gluttonous Camber Luce 0 Defeat Camber Luce 15
Deep Freeze Deep Freeze 0 Freeze to death while fighting Chanel 15
Chilled to the Bone Chilled to the Bone 0 Experience Chanel's true power 15
Cornered Cornered 0 Push Chanel too far 15
Lust Denied Lust Denied 0 Counter Chanel's attacks 3 times in a row 15
Untemptable Untemptable 0 Defeat Chanel with grace 15
Lusty Chanel Lusty Chanel 0 Defeat Chanel 15
Coward's Fate Coward's Fate 0 Enrage Angronn with your cowardice, making him destroy the arena 15
Fearless Fearless 0 Fight Angronn face to face 15
Wrathful Angronn Wrathful Angronn 0 Defeat Angronn 15
Weakness Weakness 0 Die to Adam's grasping attack 15
Immolated Immolated 0 Die to Adam's Immolation atack 15
Frustration Leads to Anger Frustration Leads to Anger 0 Get repeatly knocked into the abyss by Adam 15
Critical Strike Critical Strike 0 Perform a critical strike on Adam 15
The Forsaken The Forsaken 0 Defeat Adam 15
Out like a light Out like a light 0 Get hit by a lamp while fighting Levin Undok 15
Dance and Dice Dance and Dice 0 Get hit by an axe 3 times while fighting Levin Undok 15
Dance of Flying Daggers Dance of Flying Daggers 0 Destroy 3 floating daggers in a row while fighting Levin Undok 15
Fury Fury 0 Push Levin Undok too far 15
Party Crasher Party Crasher 0 Prevent Levin Undok's Double Dance and defeat her 15
Envious Levin Undok Envious Levin Undok 0 Defeat Levin Undok 15
Denied Denied 0 Avoid a charge attack while fighting Yordo and his guards 15
Against The Round Against The Round 0 Avoid being killed by Yordo's encircling attack 15
Break Ranks Break Ranks 0 Break the ranks of Yordo's guards 15
Outnumbered Outnumbered 0 Die surrounded by Yordo's guards 15
Slothful Yordo Slothful Yordo 0 Defeat Yordo 15

Secret Achievements

Déjà vu Déjà vu 0 Talk to Chanel 15
Stepping Stone Stepping Stone 0 Die to Rhodes' landing 15
Purified Purified 0 Use water to cleanse Faiz Tilus' Poison 15
Speed Over Strength Speed Over Strength 0 Defeat Camber Luce very quickly 15
Tangled Tangled 0 Suffer damage from aquatic plants while fighting Chanel 15
Titan's Grasp Titan's Grasp 0 Get crushed by Angronn's grasp 15
Exalted Exalted 0 Defeat Adam when he is most powerful 15
Graceful Dancer Graceful Dancer 0 Dodge Levin Undok's Double Dance 15
Aim for the King Aim for the King 0 Kill Yordo without attacking his guards 15