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Romancing SaGa 2 Achievements

Find all the Romancing SaGa 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 42 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Watchman Purge Watchman Purge 0 Defeated the Watchmen 15
Father's Will Father's Will 0 Gerard became Emperor 15
City Thief City Thief 0 Befriended a Vagabond 15
Runic Scholar Runic Scholar 0 Befriended a Mage for Hire 15
Mastermind of War Mastermind of War 0 Befriended a Strategist 15
Elite Warrior Elite Warrior 0 Befriended an Imperial Guard 15
Prize Invention Prize Invention 0 Befriended Coppelia 15
Self-Aware Automaton Self-Aware Automaton 0 Coppelia became Emperor 15
Martial Art Expert Martial Art Expert 0 Befriended a Brawler 15
Friend of Mus Friend of Mus 0 Befriended a Saigo Clansman 15
Longit Corsair Longit Corsair 0 Befriended an Armed Merchant 15
Aqua Guard Aqua Guard 0 Befriended a Nereid 15
Friend of the Sea Friend of the Sea 0 Befriended a Diver 15
Knight of Cumberland Knight of Cumberland 0 Befriended a Crusader 15
Steppe Farer Steppe Farer 0 Befriended a Nomad 15
Desert Warrior Desert Warrior 0 Befriended a Desert Guard 15
Savannah Chaser Savannah Chaser 0 Befriended a Hunter 15
Ground Dweller Ground Dweller 0 Befriended a Mole 15
Lizard of Volcano Island Lizard of Volcano Island 0 Befriended a Salamander 15
Forest Warrioress Forest Warrioress 0 Befriended an Amazon 15
Wind Manipulator Wind Manipulator 0 Befriended an Iris 15
Eastern Swordsman Eastern Swordsman 0 Befriended a Levante Guard 15
Maze Master Maze Master 0 Befriended a Ninja 15
Exorcist Exorcist 0 Befriended a Diviner 15
Final Duty Final Duty 0 Became the Final Emperor 15
Soul Eater Soul Eater 0 Defeated Kzinssie 15
Foul Puppeteer Foul Puppeteer 0 Defeated Bokhohn 15
Proud Fighter Proud Fighter 0 Defeated Noel 15
Power Hungry Power Hungry 0 Defeated Dantarg 15
Ruler of the Sea Ruler of the Sea 0 Defeated Subier 15
Beauty Queen Beauty Queen 0 Defeated Rocbouquet 15
Leader of the Seven Heroes Leader of the Seven Heroes 0 Defeated Wagnas 15
Forbidden Magic Forbidden Magic 0 Acquired Dark Magic 40
Hero of Legend Hero of Legend 0 Finished the Game 40
Great Tree of Avalon Great Tree of Avalon 0 Nurtured the Avalon Tree to the fullest 40
Crushing Memory Crushing Memory 0 Defeated Crushing Memory 40
Evil Memory Evil Memory 0 Defeated Evil Memory 40
Ruined Memory Ruined Memory 0 Defeated Ruined Memory 40
Sinful Memory Sinful Memory 0 Defeated Sinful Memory 40
Other Legend Other Legend 0 Finished Game without Final Emperor 80
Successor Successor 0 Won Against Victor 80
Terrifying Presence Terrifying Presence 0 Defeated Dread Queen 80