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Samsara Achievements

Full list of Samsara achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 19 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

A Walk in the Park A Walk in the Park 0 Complete the prologue 10
Into the Woods Into the Woods 0 Complete Chapter 1 20
Tree of life Tree of life 0 Complete Chapter 2 30
The Descent The Descent 0 Complete Chapter 3 40
Journey to the Centre Journey to the Centre 0 Complete Chapter 4 50
Dark Skies Dark Skies 0 Complete Chapter 5 60
The End of Suburbia The End of Suburbia 0 Complete Chapter 6 70
Down the Helter-skelter Down the Helter-skelter 0 Complete Chapter 7 80
Survive the Ghost Train Survive the Ghost Train 0 Complete Chapter 8 90
Reunited Reunited 0 Complete Samsara 100
Upside Down Upside Down 0 Complete a level inversed 20

Secret Achievements

Puzzle Speedster Puzzle Speedster 0 Complete the game in 3 hours 100
Inversion Inversion 0 Complete a whole chapter with all levels inversed 50
Reversal of Fortune Reversal of Fortune 0 Complete the whole game again in inversed mode 100
Strangled Strangled 0 Killed by Vines 20
Double Wipe-out Double Wipe-out 0 Killed both versions of Zee simultaneously during a level 30
Death by Gravity Death by Gravity 0 Fall from a big height 20
Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place 0 Get Zee stuck within a puzzle 50
Portal Buddies Portal Buddies 0 Walk through 15 in-level portals during one level 60