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The Spectrum Retreat Achievements

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Waterfall Waterfall 0 Complete floor 1 puzzles. 50
Relativity Relativity 0 Complete floor 2 puzzles. 50
Ascending and Descending Ascending and Descending 0 Complete floor 3 puzzles. 50
Gravitation Gravitation 0 Complete floor 4 puzzles. 50
Belvedere Belvedere 0 Complete floor 5 puzzles. 50
Devil's Tuning Fork Devil's Tuning Fork 0 Find the phone. 50
Voices Down the Corridor Voices Down the Corridor 0 Enter the fifth 4-digit code. 50
Colitas Colitas 0 Enter the first 4-digit code. 50
Tiffany Tiffany 0 Enter the second 4-digit code. 50
Mercedes Mercedes 0 Enter the third 4-digit code. 50
Steely Knives Steely Knives 0 Enter the fourth 4-digit code. 50
Heaven or Hell Heaven or Hell 0 Read the manager's notebook in the observation room. 50
Castrovalva Castrovalva 0 Teleport for the first time. 50

Secret Achievements

Prisoners of Our Own Device Prisoners of Our Own Device 0 Complete the game. 200
Check Out Any Time You Like Check Out Any Time You Like 0 Complete both endings. 150