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Shenmue I & II Achievements

Find all the Shenmue I & II achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.


There are 28 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Needle In A Haystack Needle In A Haystack 0 Find Charlie in the tattoo parlor in Dobuita 40
Mirror, Mirror Mirror, Mirror 0 Get the letter from Yuanda Zhu translated in Dobuita 50
One Step Closer One Step Closer 0 Reach New Yokosuka Harbor 50
Stab In The Dark Stab In The Dark 0 Find the Phoenix Mirror in the Hazuki Basement 50
Gainful Employment Gainful Employment 0 Get a job at the Harbor 50
Fallen Angels Fallen Angels 0 Rescue Nozomi from the Mad Angels 50
Sore Knuckles Sore Knuckles 0 Beat the 70 Man Battle 50
Next Stop Hong Kong Next Stop Hong Kong 0 Complete the game 50
Appropriate Response Appropriate Response 0 Call the police at the beginning of the game 30
Simpler Times Simpler Times 0 Find the flashback in the Yard 30
Boy Scout Boy Scout 0 Helped the old lady in Sakuragaoka find a specific house 30
What's It Worth? What's It Worth? 0 Took the Phoenix Mirror to the two antique shops in Dobuita 30
Cat Burglar Cat Burglar 0 Find Megumi's kitten when it goes missing 50
Hot Dog Moves Hot Dog Moves 0 Learn a move from Tom at the hot dog stand 30
Mark's Favorite Mark's Favorite 0 Win a forklift race 50
Gacha Catcha Gacha Catcha 0 Find your first collectable toy 10
Freeloader Freeloader 0 Bought a soda for thirsty Wang Guang Ji 30
I Know Kung Fu I Know Kung Fu 0 Learn a combat move 10
Unexpected Visit Unexpected Visit 0 Visit the fortune teller 30
Stay Down! Stay Down! 0 Beat Chai in the Harbor 50
I Know More Kung Fu I Know More Kung Fu 0 Learn 5 combat moves 20
Gacha Catcha II Gacha Catcha II 0 Collect 25 Capsule toys 20
Gacha Catcha III Gacha Catcha III 0 Collect 50 Capsule toys 30
Break And Enter Break And Enter 0 Get into Warehouse 8 and meet Master Chen 50
Yummy Meal Yummy Meal 0 Find the flashback in the Kitchen 30
Treasure Your Friends Treasure Your Friends 0 Find the flashback in the Dojo 30
Practice Makes Perfect Practice Makes Perfect 0 Practice your Kung Fu in the dojo 30
To Be This Good Takes Ages To Be This Good Takes Ages 0 Play Hang-On or Space Harrier 20

Shenmue II

There are 27 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Baggage Claim Baggage Claim 0 Get your bag back after it is stolen 50
Never Assume Never Assume 0 Met Lishao Tao 50
Autumn In Wan Chai Autumn In Wan Chai 0 Catch the leaves 50
Another Fine Mess Another Fine Mess 0 Fall off a building with Ren 50
Under Your Nose Under Your Nose 0 Catch Yuan and rescue Zhang Shu Qin 50
Nomad Nomad 0 Leave Hong Kong 50
5 Star General 5 Star General 0 Find Yuanda Zhu 50
New Kid On The Block New Kid On The Block 0 Impress the Yellowhead scout, Yuandao Huo, with your fighting skills 50
David And Goliath David And Goliath 0 Defeat Dou Niu 50
Tree Hugger Tree Hugger 0 Find the Shenmue Tree 50
Not Done Yet Not Done Yet 0 Complete the game 50
Money For Nothing Money For Nothing 0 Give money to the musicians at the beginning of the game 20
Big Spender Big Spender 0 Have less than 50 dollars when your bag is stolen 40
Slippery Like An Eel Slippery Like An Eel 0 Chase and catch Wong in QTE 40
Good Samaritan Good Samaritan 0 Straighten the man's sign near the Come Over Guest House in Wan Chai 10
Back To School Back To School 0 Master the Wild Throw move from the Kung Fu school in Wan Chai 20
Sweet Sorrow Sweet Sorrow 0 Say goodbye to the 4 wude masters before leaving Hong Kong 50
Flower Power Flower Power 0 See the flowers with Shenhua 30
Cartographer Cartographer 0 Place a map marker 10
Apprentice Apprentice 0 Learn your first new combat skill 10
Adept Adept 0 Learn 5 combat skills 20
Expert Expert 0 Learn 10 combat skills 30
Master Master 0 Learn 15 combat skills 50
Challenger Challenger 0 Win an arm wrestling match 20
Strongarm Strongarm 0 Win 5 arm wrestling matches 30
Unexpected Visit Unexpected Visit 0 Visit a fortune teller 40
To Be This Good Takes Ages To Be This Good Takes Ages 0 Play all 4 arcade games 30