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Haimrik Achievements

Full list of Haimrik achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Haimrik has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Dreaming with dragons Dreaming with dragons 0 Finishing the dream 20
Lights out Lights out 0 Defeat Murdock without using any torches 20
The winter isn't coming The winter isn't coming 0 Defeat both phases of Murdock 40
The bigger they are... The bigger they are... 0 Defeat Algernon 40
I thought I taw a puddy tat I thought I taw a puddy tat 0 Build the cage and lock Masamba 25
Bad idea Bad idea 0 Enter the caves 20
Goblin sandwich Goblin sandwich 0 Defeat the goblins 20
A pinch of this, some drops of that... A pinch of this, some drops of that... 0 Find all the ways to poison the jester 25
Fashion victim Fashion victim 0 Get all the items of the highborn outfit 25
Bookworm Bookworm 0 Survive Witter's boss fight 40
Heat wave Heat wave 0 Push ice to fire to melt it 20
Daltonic Daltonic 0 Get all the color combinations to the outfit 25
I think its better for us to split I think its better for us to split 0 Kill 20 guards using the wand 25
Overkill Overkill 0 Kill the guard using the portcullis 75
The adopted one The adopted one 0 Survive the first fight against the Snake without taking damage 50
All nightmare long All nightmare long 0 Survive the nightmare 40
Literate Literate 0 Finish the game 100

Secret Achievements

Diplomatic Diplomatic 0 Do not kill any archers inside the dream 50
Boom shakalaka Boom shakalaka 0 Kill all the soldiers in a level without using gunpowder 50
Brave warrior Brave warrior 0 Kill the ogre with your sword 50
No chandeliers allowed No chandeliers allowed 0 Defeat Murdock The Revenant without using chandeliers 50
The circle of life The circle of life 0 Feed the snake to the crocodile 20
Patience Patience 0 Destroy the boulder with the pickaxe 20
Triplekill! Triplekill! 0 Kill the three bandits with only 1 machine 75
Lucky shoot Lucky shoot 0 Don't kill any shadow clone 75