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Hero Defense Achievements

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There are 32 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Spellmaster Spellmaster 0 Kill 500 Creeps using Spells 25
Saviour Saviour 0 Fully upgrade the Village 50
Master Blacksmith Master Blacksmith 0 Upgrade every weapon to the highest level 50
It begins It begins 0 Reach the Village 15
He is Here He is Here 0 Survive your first encounter with count Necrosis 25
The Father The Father 0 Defeat Count Necrosis 25
Bone Crusher Bone Crusher 0 Defeat Bones O'Malley 15
Granimosity Granimosity 0 Defeat the Queen of Corpses 15
Hell Hath Not Fury Hell Hath Not Fury 0 Defeat Dr. Amalgam 15
King of Wolves King of Wolves 0 Defeat Redfang Wrathborn 15
Envy Envy 0 Defeat Alana Nightshade 15
Gravedigger Gravedigger 0 Unlock Barrows 15
Burn Them! Burn Them! 0 Unlock Sam Hain 15
Pretty Deadly Pretty Deadly 0 Unlock Jane Doe 15
Halfblood Halfblood 0 Unlock Wylde 15
Blot Out the Sun Blot Out the Sun 0 Shoot 10 Bolts at once 25
Viva lá revolucion Viva lá revolucion 0 Kill any boss using only angry mobs 50
Everybody be Cool Everybody be Cool 0 Slow at least 20 creeps with a single attack 25
Trigger Happy Trigger Happy 0 Insane Difficulty with 100% early calls 25
Hoarder Hoarder 0 Have at least 1 rune of every type. 25
Orbs, Orbs, Orbs Orbs, Orbs, Orbs 0 Charge a character to level 10 25
Silent But Deadly Silent But Deadly 0 Hit at least 20 creeps with a single poison spell. 25
Overkill Overkill 0 Kill a creep that is slowed, poisoned, buring, cursed, scared and cut by razor splinters. 50
Superstar Superstar 0 Gather all Stars on all maps. 50
Slayer Slayer 0 Kill 50.000 Creeps 50
Fantastic Five Fantastic Five 0 Have all heroes do their heroes strike at the same time. 50
Like a Rock Like a Rock 0 Complete the Tower Defense challenge on Insane 50
The Warden The Warden 0 Complete the Border Warden Challenge on insane 50
Coast Guard Coast Guard 0 Complete the coast Guard challenge on insane. 50
Wave Breaker (N2H) Wave Breaker (N2H) 0 Defeat over 100 Waves in the Endless Mode. 50

Secret Achievements

Family legacy Family legacy 0 Defeat Count Necrosis, once and for all. 50
Big Thanks Big Thanks 0 Watch the credits to the End 25