The Gardens Between Achievements

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The Gardens Between has 17 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Moving In Moving In 0 A sneaky stowaway Garden Friend. 80
New Friends New Friends 0 A Garden Friend is hiding in the Esky. 80
Staying Up Late Staying Up Late 0 Super Silly Crow escapes the TV. 80
Our Secret Clubhouse Our Secret Clubhouse 0 A Garden Friend sneaks a look. 80
Mischievous Discoveries Mischievous Discoveries 0 A Garden Friend follows on a school trip. 80
An Expedition Goes Down The Drain An Expedition Goes Down The Drain 0 A Garden Friend gums up the pipes. 80
Stargazing Stargazing 0 A Cosmic Garden Friend phones home. 80
The Gardens Complete The Gardens Complete 0 Friends apart, memories remain. 80
Reset The Dominos Reset The Dominos 0 Restore the board to a clean state. 40
Game Over Game Over 0 Super Silly Crow is defeated. 40
Great Catch! Great Catch! 0 What's under the table cloth? 40
Saw Through Time Saw Through Time 0 Saw the plank. Next, get a hammer. 40
Gone Fishing Gone Fishing 0 Arina’s at the end of her rope. 40
Reach For The Sky Reach For The Sky 0 Pluck the moon right out of the sky. 40

Secret Achievements

Friendly Fire Friendly Fire 0 Arina throws popcorn at Frendt five times. 40
Found You! Found You! 0 Release the hidden Garden Friend. 40
Don't touch that! Don't touch that! 0 Arina really shouldn't be pressing buttons. 40