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Smoke and Sacrifice Achievements

Find all the Smoke and Sacrifice achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 34 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Call to Adventure Call to Adventure 0 Reach the Underworld. 15
Child of the Forest Child of the Forest 0 Meet the Feral Child. 15
A New Hope A New Hope 0 Complete the game. 100
Oliver Twist Oliver Twist 0 Feed starving orphans. 15
Collector Collector 0 Show various esoteric objects to the Craftmaster. 15
Crossbreeder Crossbreeder 0 Help the Feral Child breed a pet. 15
DIY DIY 0 Use the Workbench. 30
Having a Blast Having a Blast 0 Use the Blastforge. 30
Means of Production Means of Production 0 Use the Manufactory. 30
Magic Maker Magic Maker 0 Use the Crucible. 30
Saboteur Saboteur 0 Blow up a Pumping Station. 15
Exterminator Exterminator 0 Blow up a Spark Rat nest. 15
Caught Like A... Caught Like A... 0 Trap a Spark Rat. 15
Enraptored Enraptored 0 Trap a Grim Raptor or Grim Cheeper. 15
Jelly Jar Jelly Jar 0 Trap a Polyp. 15
Who You Gonna Call Who You Gonna Call 0 Trap a Smoke Ghost. 15
Hatching a Plan Hatching a Plan 0 Incubate a Raptor Egg. 15
Fumigator Fumigator 0 Break open a Larva Mound. 15
Hacker Hacker 0 Show off the result of a Behaviour Module. 15
Miss Piggy Miss Piggy 0 Defeat a Porkupine. 30
Antichickenator Antichickenator 0 Defeat a Grim Raptor. 30
Stoked Stoked 0 Defeat a Stoker. 30
Armour-Piercing Armour-Piercing 0 Defeat a Male Pangocorn. 30
Hatching a Plan II Hatching a Plan II 0 Open a hatch. 15

Secret Achievements

You Again You Again 0 Meet an old friend. 15
I Heart You I Heart You 0 Discover the World Heart. 90
Searchin' for the Urchin Searchin' for the Urchin 0 Find your son. 90
Green Energy Green Energy 0 Craft the Verdite Reactor. 90
Iced Him Iced Him 0 Defeat Marduk, Priest of Bone. 30
Flame Grilled Flame Grilled 0 Defeat Smotherk, Priest of Flame. 30
Shock Defeat Shock Defeat 0 Defeat Telemak, Priest of Lore. 30
Treasure Trove Treasure Trove 0 Dig up a hoard. 15
Ghostification Ghostification 0 Witness the birth of a Smoke Ghost. 15
Black Screen Black Screen 0 Retire a faithful worker. 30