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Far Cry New Dawn Achievements

Full list of Far Cry New Dawn achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Far Cry New Dawn has 50 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Honorary Scout Honorary Scout 0 Gather intel 10 times by talking to Wiki-Bean-ia scouts. Host only. 10
Yoink Yoink 0 Loot a Highwaymen Supply Drop. Be careful, it won't be unguarded! 10
Forager Forager 0 Gather 15 plants growing in Hope County. It's the closest thing to a pharmacy we have nowadays. 10
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 0 Scavenge an Outpost. You can always reclaim it. Host only. 10
Home is Where the Part Is Home is Where the Part Is 0 Upgrade Prosperity's infrastructure for the first time by investing in the right parts. Host only. 15
Sidecar Sidekick Sidecar Sidekick 0 Drive with Timber for a total of 5 minutes. Just don't take him to the vet. 10
White Gold White Gold 0 Commandeer an Ethanol tanker and bring it back to one of your outposts. 15
Finders Keepers Finders Keepers 0 Complete 3 Treasure Hunt missions. Host only. 15
Safekeeping Safekeeping 0 Picklock 5 safes. With no more banks, it's the closest thing you'll get to experiencing a heist. 10
Closed for Applications Closed for Applications 0 Recruit all Guns For Hire. Host only. 20
How's it Look, Doc? How's it Look, Doc? 0 Craft 10 Medkits. They'll definitely come in handy. 10
Kill or Be Killed Kill or Be Killed 0 Kill a Monstrous animal. It'd do the same to you given half the chance. 20
Before Before 0 Find all the Dear Photograph locations and see Hope County as it used to be. Host only. 20
Audiophile Audiophile 0 Rediscover some sweet tunes for the new world. Find all hidden MP3 players. Host only. 20
My Little Fortress My Little Fortress 0 Make Prosperity better than ever! Build all Infrastructure upgrades available. Host only. 15
Master Skinner Master Skinner 0 Collect at least one skin from every type of animal in Hope County. Not creepy at all. 15
Hit the Road Hit the Road 0 Complete 7 unique Expeditions on the Rank III difficulty. 50
Pure Ninja Pure Ninja 0 Liberate a Rank III Outpost while staying undetected. 30
All Your Bases All Your Bases 0 Liberate all Outposts at least once on Rank III. 30
Weaponsmith Weaponsmith 0 Craft 3 weapons. They don't need to look good, they just need to get the job done! 10
You're a Catch You're a Catch 0 Successfully catch one of every type of fish in Hope County. Get those omega-3s. 10
Save Your Bacon Save Your Bacon 0 Recruit Horatio. Don't mind his temper, he can be pig-headed sometimes. Host only. 10
Poof! Poof! 0 Use 3 smoke grenades. 10
It's Super Effective! It's Super Effective! 0 Headshot an Enforcer with Piercing Ammo. 15
Have Buddy, Will Travel Have Buddy, Will Travel 0 Complete 3 Expeditions with a co-op partner. 10
Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight 0 Kill 25 enemies using any type of takedown. Put that railroad spike to good use! 10
Captain's Courageous Captain's Courageous 0 Kill your first Enforcer. I'm sure this will send the Highwaymen a good message. 20
Good Job, Cap Good Job, Cap 0 Kill 5 enemies by throwing a shield at them. 10
Stack 'em Up Stack 'em Up 0 Purchase the 5th tier of a stackable perk. You can never have enough. 10
Fly, You Fools! Fly, You Fools! 0 No wings means less drag, right? Take a short flight in the wingless plane. 15
Buzzkill Buzzkill 0 Kill 10 brawlers with any saw launcher. They never saw it coming. 10
Legend Has It Legend Has It 0 Craft your first Legendary Weapon or Vehicle and start a legend of your own. 20
Tip o' the Hat Tip o' the Hat 0 Knock an enemy's helmet off with a charged melee attack. 15
Perk-olate Perk-olate 0 Unlock the first level for all Perks. 10
Archery Expert Archery Expert 0 Kill an enemy more than 100m away with a basic arrow. 20
Get to the Point Get to the Point 0 Finish off an Enforcer with a bayonet. 40

Secret Achievements

The Meaning of Prosperity The Meaning of Prosperity 0 Help Carmina get back to her mother in Prosperity. Host only. 20
Prospering Prospering 0 Upgrade and secure Prosperity. Host only. 50
Return to Eden Return to Eden 0 Bring the Father back to New Eden. Host only. 50
Problem Solver Problem Solver 0 Solve the biggest problem in Hope County by defeating the Twins. Host only. 50
The End of Eden The End of Eden 0 Decide the fate of the Father. Host only. 100
A Graceful Return A Graceful Return 0 Recover Grace's prototype gun and welcome her back to Prosperity for good. Host only. 20
Coming Up With the Goods Coming Up With the Goods 0 Return Selene's valuable stash. Host only. 20
Wiki-Bean-ia in Business Wiki-Bean-ia in Business 0 Help Bean get back his business plan so he can set up his intel network in Prosperity. Host only. 20
The Ryeunion The Ryeunion 0 Reunite Nick Rye with Carmina and Kim. Host only. 20
Expeditious Retreat Expeditious Retreat 0 Complete your first Expedition to force the Highwaymen out of a stronghold. 10
Paladin’s Secret Paladin’s Secret 0 Find Sam Fisher’s outfit in the Government Plane Wreck expedition 10
Anger Management Anger Management 0 Eliminate 10 enemies within a single activation of Wrath. 15
Hey Father, Watch This Hey Father, Watch This 0 Perform an Aerial Takedown after using Leap of Faith. 15
Springboard Springboard 0 Survive a 30m fall using only Leap of Faith to nullify the impact. 20