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Max and the Book of Chaos Achievements

Full list of Max and the Book of Chaos achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Max and the Book of Chaos has 17 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Beginning The Beginning 0 Completed the tutorial 90
Little Invaders Little Invaders 0 Completed "Little Invaders" chapter 90
Nocturnal Experiments Nocturnal Experiments 0 Completed "Nocturnal Experiments" chapter 90
Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen 0 Completed "Hell's Kitchen" chapter 90
The Disclosure The Disclosure 0 Completed "The Disclosure" chapter 90
Stairway to Death Stairway to Death 0 Completed "Stairway to Death" chapter 90
Perfect Level Perfect Level 0 Unlocked a level with 3 stars 90
Purchase Weapon Upgrade Purchase Weapon Upgrade 0 Purchased a weapon upgrade 15
Purchase Special Item Purchase Special Item 0 Purchased a special item 15
Purchase Skin Purchase Skin 0 Purchased a skin 15
Purchase 2 Weapon Upgrades Purchase 2 Weapon Upgrades 0 Purchased 2 weapon upgrades 30
Purchase 2 Special Items Purchase 2 Special Items 0 Purchased 2 special items 30
Purchase 2 Skins Purchase 2 Skins 0 Purchased 2 skins 30
Defeat Giant Flambido Defeat Giant Flambido 0 Defeated the Giant Flambido 75
Defeat Giant Toad Defeat Giant Toad 0 Defeated the Giant Toad 75
Defeat Living Oven Defeat Living Oven 0 Defeated the Living Oven 75
Rescue a classmate Rescue a classmate 0 Rescued a classmate 10