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Underworld Ascendant Achievements

Find all the Underworld Ascendant achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 32 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Incite Commotion Incite Commotion 0 Enemies convinced to turn on each other. 40
Wall Runner Wall Runner 0 Use the Wall Run skill along a 5-meter stretch of wall. 30
Four Runestone Spell Four Runestone Spell 0 Cast a spell with 4 runes. 40
Bound Time Kill Bound Time Kill 0 Kill a Bound enemy while time is slowed down. 30
Bound Trap Kill Bound Trap Kill 0 Kill an enemy with a trap that had been blocked. 30
Utterly Untouchable Utterly Untouchable 0 Defeated 5 enemies without being damaged. 30
Cheat Death Cheat Death 0 Avoid death 3 times with the Iron Shirt and/or Shadow Step skills. 30
Long Jump Long Jump 0 Leapt a horizontal distance of 15 meters. 30
Sun Abyssal Key Sun Abyssal Key 0 Acquire the Sun Abyssal Key. 40
Windfall Windfall 0 Make a 5000-silver piece sale to Aelita. 40
Big Spender Big Spender 0 Make a 5000-silver piece purchase from Aelita. 40
Scholar Scholar 0 Collect 90 Compendium entries. 40
Dead Eye Dead Eye 0 Deal 10000 total damage with ranged attacks. 20
Death Dealer Death Dealer 0 Deal 15000 total damage with melee attacks. 20
Executioner Executioner 0 Deal 10000 total damage with axes/maces/hammers. 20
Sword Master Sword Master 0 Deal 10000 total damage with swords. 20
Stepping Razor Stepping Razor 0 Deal 10000 total damage with daggers. 20
Water Arrow Water Arrow 0 Quench 5 torches with water arrows. 10
Shadow Dweller Shadow Dweller 0 Hide in the shadow cloud of a Deep Slug trail. 30
Fists of Fury Fists of Fury 0 Deal 10000 total melee damage without weapons. 20
Walking Arsenal Walking Arsenal 0 Deal 1000 total damage with each of swords, axes/maces, daggers, and unarmed. 50
Witness Bearer Witness Bearer 0 Stay to the bitter end. 40
Heart Key Heart Key 0 Completed "Abyssal Key of Upper Erebus." 30
Diamond Key Diamond Key 0 Completed "Abyssal Key of Titan's Reach." 30
Star Key Star Key 0 Completed "Abyssal Key of the Cytheron Catacombs." 30
Cross Key Cross Key 0 Completed "Abyssal Key of Tyball's Folly." 30
Pyramid Key Pyramid Key 0 Completed "Abyssal Key of the Underswamp." 30
Take the Plunge Take the Plunge 0 Descended into Pluto's Gate. 10
On to Marcaul On to Marcaul 0 Escaped Pluto's Gate. 20

Secret Achievements

Pyrrhic Victory Pyrrhic Victory 0 Stopped Typhon -- but at what cost? 50
Ascendant of the Abyss Ascendant of the Abyss 0 Brought harmony to The Abyss. 50
Returning Champion Returning Champion 0 Saved The Abyss a second time. 50