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Bombfest Achievements

Full list of Bombfest achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Bombfest has 34 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Full Toybox Full Toybox 0 Unlock All Bombs and Stages 60
Dress Up Dress Up 0 Unlock All Cosmetic Unlocks 120
The Double The Double 0 KO 2 players with a single NON NUKE bomb 30
The Triple The Triple 0 KO 3 players with a single NON NUKE bomb 60
We All Fall Down We All Fall Down 0 KO everyone with a single bomb 10
Hot Potato Hot Potato 0 Catch and throw away a slomo'd bomb 30
Share Your Toys Share Your Toys 0 KO a player with a bomb they threw first 10
Regal Impudence Regal Impudence 0 Self KO with the crown 10
RP ONLY GRIEFERS BANNED RP ONLY GRIEFERS BANNED 0 Play a round with all bombs disabled and no timer. 10
I Hate Wizards I Hate Wizards 0 Steal first place from the wizard during the final round. 10
Little Conductor Little Conductor 0 Get saved from an explosion by the train in the Bedroom 10
The Floor Is Lava The Floor Is Lava 0 Leap across the chasm on the Deck 30
Clean Your Plate Clean Your Plate 0 Clear the stage of blocks in the Dining Room 10
Play House Play House 0 Have a player inside each wooden house in the Garden 10
Leftovers Leftovers 0 Land in the bowl found in the Living Room 60
The Babeler The Babeler 0 Remove the entire tower from the Nook 10
What A Way To Go What A Way To Go 0 Fall down the drain in the Kitchen 10
Vroom Vroom! Vroom Vroom! 0 KO a player by pushing them into the toy car in the Toy Room 30
Take Out The Trash Take Out The Trash 0 KO another player into the waste basket in the Study 10
I'm Not Happy, Bob I'm Not Happy, Bob 0 KO a player through one of the outside walls in the Office 10
Last Toy Standing Last Toy Standing 0 Survive when left with a single closed box in the Attic 60
Don't Rock The Duck Don't Rock The Duck 0 Tilt the Big Duck to the side in the Bathroom 30
Snowball Fight Snowball Fight 0 KO someone from across the stage with a thrown Ice Bomb 30
Gum In Your Hair Gum In Your Hair 0 Stick 2 Sticky Bombs to a single player 10
I'm Rubber, You're Glue I'm Rubber, You're Glue 0 Hit a single player 3 times with one Bouncy Bomb 10
Gluten Intolerant Gluten Intolerant 0 Catch Bread and throw it back at the original thrower 30
Popcorn Popcorn 0 Blast a player into a Button Mine's explosion 30
Play Catch Play Catch 0 Get a KO with a Rocket volleyed at least 2 times 10
Wish Upon A Star Wish Upon A Star 0 Catch a falling Nuke 60
Natty 20s Natty 20s 0 Roll two 20s in a row on the Dicey Bomb 30
Drink Your Medicine Drink Your Medicine 0 KO a player with a chain reaction involving at least 2 Potions Bombs 30
Clean Your Ears Clean Your Ears 0 KO a player holding a Cotton Sword with a Cotton Sword 10

Secret Achievements

Forbidden Fruit Forbidden Fruit 0 Play a full match in Uncomfortable Mode 60
Welcome Home Welcome Home 0 Play on the secret stage 60