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RAD Achievements

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There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Mender Contender Mender Contender 0 Participate in a Daily Challenge 15
Cool Customer Cool Customer 0 Upgrade Shermie's Shop 15
Shopaholic Shopaholic 0 Upgrade Shermie's Shop to the max! 30
Tapes Never Sleep Tapes Never Sleep 0 Become a Platinum member 15
Greed Is Good Greed Is Good 0 Become a Desert Chrome member 30
Money Shot Money Shot 0 Eject 100 tapes from an ATM 15
Drupe Ninja Drupe Ninja 0 Heal, burn and heal some more using fruit 15
Noob No More Noob No More 0 Unlock 25% of the Tome of the Ancients 15
Book Worm Book Worm 0 Unlock 50% of the Tome of the Ancients 15
Brainiac Brainiac 0 Unlock 75% of the Tome of the Ancients 30
Nerd! Nerd! 0 Unlock 100% of the Tome of the Ancients 90
Two-bular! Two-bular! 0 Discover a Mutation Combo 15
Fallout Collection Fallout Collection 0 Unlock all styles 30
Maul Rat Maul Rat 0 Unlock all weapons 30
Quirk Berzerk Quirk Berzerk 0 Unlock all Quirks 30
Doin' A Solid Doin' A Solid 0 Do someone a Solid 15
Greenish Thumb Greenish Thumb 0 Help Billy farm a plant 15
Green Machine Green Machine 0 Help Billy complete his garden 30
Honorary Disciple Honorary Disciple 0 Complete Cathode Raider Tasks 30
Commune Contributor Commune Contributor 0 Complete Transfigured Tasks 30
Optimal Coroutine Optimal Coroutine 0 Complete Vestigial Tasks 30
Total Annihilation! Total Annihilation! 0 Annihilate 5 enemies at once 30
Killer! Killer! 0 Get a Kill Streak of 10 or more 30
Cluuuuutch! Cluuuuutch! 0 Get a Survivor Streak of 10 or more 30
Cool Runnings Cool Runnings 0 Fully upgrade the town statue 30
Mender Bartender Mender Bartender 0 Receive a tasty beverage from the Mender altar 15
Mender Tender Mender Tender 0 Receive a cash payout from the Mender altar 15
Mender Offender Mender Offender 0 Receive disapproval from the Mender altar 15
I Am Bat Man I Am Bat Man 0 Complete the game De-Made style 90
Total Bummer Total Bummer 0 Load your body up with the bummer mutation trifecta 15
Halo Effect Halo Effect 0 Capitalize on your bodaciousness 15
Flappy Nerd Flappy Nerd 0 Stay aloft for 10 seconds 15

Secret Achievements

Chicken Poppers Chicken Poppers 0 Pop a chicken with your snake head 15
Cobruh la la la la la la la la Cobruh la la la la la la la la 0 Conceive a serpent baby 15
Make-Out Like a Bandit Make-Out Like a Bandit 0 Steal a key from a shop using Suck Face 15
Mender Ender Mender Ender 0 Defeat the Colossus 100
Colossal Blunder Colossal Blunder 0 Shamefully fall to your death while fighting the Colossus 15