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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! Achievements

Find all the Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Chef School Chef School 0 Took a class with Chef Risotto! 10
Rank Up! Rank Up! 0 The First Step in a Long Journey 15
Half Star Half Star 0 Not Half Bad! 15
Full Star Full Star 0 Got a Full Star Upgrade 15
Second Star Second Star 0 Added another one to the apron! 15
The Big 1-5 The Big 1-5 0 Got Rank 15 15
Quarter Rank Quarter Rank 0 Got Rank 25 15
Chef Novice Chef Novice 0 Earned 10 Bronze Medals 15
The Bronze Chef The Bronze Chef 0 Earned 25 Bronze Medals 15
Copper Spatula Award Copper Spatula Award 0 Earned 50 Bronze Medals 15
Bronze Bowl Bronze Bowl 0 Earned 100 Bronze Medals 30
Bronzetacular Bronzetacular 0 Earned 200 Bronze Medals 50
A Strong Start! A Strong Start! 0 Earned 25 Silver Medals 15
The Silver Spoon The Silver Spoon 0 Earned 50 Silver Medals 15
Silver Bullet Silver Bullet 0 Earned 100 Silver Medals 30
Gold Medal Ribbon Gold Medal Ribbon 0 Got a Gold Medal 15
Perfection Perfection 0 Earned 10 Gold Medals 15
Just Getting Started Just Getting Started 0 Earned 25 Gold Medals 15
Too Easy Too Easy 0 Earned 50 Gold Medals 30
Going All The Way Going All The Way 0 Earned 75 Gold Medals 50
The Good Ol' Days The Good Ol' Days 0 Completed 20 Days of Service with any mode in the CSD Restaurant 15
Stress Mode Stress Mode 0 Played a day of Stress Mode (CSD Restaurant) 15
Zen Mode Zen Mode 0 Played a day of Zen Mode (CSD Restaurant) 15
Brave New World Brave New World 0 Received a Historical Object 15
Box o' Chocolates Box o' Chocolates 0 Completed a perfect day using 4 random entrees in Standard or Classic Mode (CSD Restaurant) 15
Chaos in Meditation Chaos in Meditation 0 Got a perfect day using 6 random entrees, 3 random sides and 2 random drinks (Zen CSD Mode) 15
Twenty-four Angry Customers Twenty-four Angry Customers 0 Got fewer than 25 avg/bad orders using 6 random entrees and and any sides/drinks (Stress CSD Mode) 15
Tower of Zen Tower of Zen 0 Completed a Zen Shift in any restaurant other than Cook, Serve, Delicious! 15
Fun PAX Memories Fun PAX Memories 0 Perfect CSD Standard Mode: Espresso shots, Hot Latte, Smoothies, Cookies, Fruit Spread, Juice Bar 15
You Can Never Go Back You Can Never Go Back 0 Used an Active Menu with six All Time Classic entrees and any sides/drinks (CSD Classic Mode) 15
Justice Dispensed! Justice Dispensed! 0 Lethal Knives, Lethal Fists! 15
Chinese Finger Trap Chinese Finger Trap 0 Got a Gold Medal on Chinese Food Shift 01 15
Fun Beta Memories Fun Beta Memories 0 Got a Gold Medal on The World Tour Shift 10 15
Burger Times Burger Times 0 Got a Gold Medal on Biggs Burgers in one of these shifts: 08 or 09 30
Dancin' the Day Away Dancin' the Day Away 0 Got a Gold Medal on Breakfast and Breakloose Shift 10 30
Slammy's Way Slammy's Way 0 Got a Gold Medal on Slammy's BBQ in one of these shifts: 11, 12, 13 or 14 30
Secret Ninja Secret Ninja 0 Got a Gold Medal on Sushi Nest in one of these shifts: 08, 09 or 10 50
Espresso Chef Espresso Chef 0 Got a Gold Medal on Contrast Coffee in one of these shifts: 12, 13 or 14 50
Burrito Bandito Burrito Bandito 0 Got a Gold Medal on Burrito Time Shift 6 30
Waterlogged Waterlogged 0 Got a Gold Medal on Planet Blue Shift 2 15
Super Rush Hour Super Rush Hour 0 Survived a Super Rush Hour 15
Stress Chef Surpreme Stress Chef Surpreme 0 Maintained 150% buzz for an entire shift in Stress Mode (CSD Restaurant) 50
Employee of the Week Employee of the Week 0 Got golds on all shifts in a single restaurant 15
Employee of the Month Employee of the Month 0 Got golds on all shifts in six different restaurants 30
Employee of the Year Employee of the Year 0 Got golds on all shifts in fifteen different restaurants 50