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Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing Achievements

Full list of Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Master Captain Master Captain 0 Obtain all other Achievements 100
Three at One Blow Three at One Blow 0 Destroy three ships with one single Beamfire Cannon blast 20
Prisoner's Solution Prisoner's Solution 0 Survive all three rounds of Fight or Flight with your opponent 30
Dead Freight Dead Freight 0 Destroy every piece of an entire Convoy 30
Cool Under Fire Cool Under Fire 0 Defeat a Titan without destroying any of its support ships 30
World's Largest Omelette World's Largest Omelette 0 Discover all Leviathan Eggs in The Hunt before time runs out 30
Mine! All Mine! Mine! All Mine! 0 Mine all the central shards in Splintershard before your opponent gets any (opponent must survive) 30
Supersonic Supersonic 0 Complete a Diamond Drift in less than 1:20 30
Emission Precognition Emission Precognition 0 Defeat the Fiend’s Oracle without taking damage from its lasers 30
Who's Next?! Who's Next?! 0 Destroy all enemy ships as well as the opposing challenger in Seek and Destroy 30
I’m Not Here to Make Friends I’m Not Here to Make Friends 0 In one season, have four or more challengers dislike you at the same time 30
I'm Just Here to Have Fun I'm Just Here to Have Fun 0 In one season, have four or more challengers like you at the same time 30
This Isn't a Charity This Isn't a Charity 0 Become Champion without accepting any Sponsorships or earning any Laurels 20
Sashay Away Sashay Away 0 Survive a vote in the Culling 20
Fiery Finish Fiery Finish 0 Survive a match with Hull at less than 15% 20
MVP MVP 0 Earn the Laurels at the end of a match 20
Full Passport Full Passport 0 Collect all postcards in the Captain's Quarters 20
Social Butterfly Social Butterfly 0 Collect all challenger ship models in the Captain's Quarters 50
Apprentice Scholar Apprentice Scholar 0 Unlock half of all Notes 30
Master Scholar Master Scholar 0 Unlock all Notes 50
Best Friend Best Friend 0 Make a deal with a challenger and keep your word 20
Best Fiend Best Fiend 0 Make a deal with a challenger and break your promise 20
Grease Monkey Grease Monkey 0 Repair crew stations 50 times 20
Gunslinger Gunslinger 0 Shoot down 100 Mashi with your firearm 20
Electronic Warfare Electronic Warfare 0 Disable 50 ships with your Smart Drones 50
Mist Stalker Mist Stalker 0 Shoot down 50 ships while under the mist 50
Overseer's Bane Overseer's Bane 0 Overseer's Bane 20
Pew Pew! Pew Pew! 0 Destroy 25 Skiffs with the AP Tracking Cannon 20

Secret Achievements

Come on Down! Come on Down! 0 Complete your training in the Staging Grounds 20
Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home 0 Visit the Captain's Quarters for the first time 20
Adjudicator Adjudicator 0 Cast your first vote in the Culling 20
Contender Contender 0 Reach the Season Finale 20
Champion of the Arena Champion of the Arena 0 Become the Bow to Blood Champion 50