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Gleaner Heights Achievements

Find all the Gleaner Heights achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Crop tops I Crop tops I 0 Shipped 100 crops 20
Crop Tops II Crop Tops II 0 Shipped 500 crops 20
Crop Tops III Crop Tops III 0 Shipped 1000 crops 20
Made it walk straight Made it walk straight 0 Defeated the Last Smuggler 20
Ruined sentinel Ruined sentinel 0 Defeated the Automaton Knight 20
Beat that blobber Beat that blobber 0 Defeated the Slime Lord 20
Write that in your diary Write that in your diary 0 Defeated the Mole King 20
Golden animal Golden animal 0 Won the animal contest 20
Golden chicken Golden chicken 0 Won the chicken contest 20
Robin Hood Robin Hood 0 Made a perfect score at the archery contest 20
Lightning rider Lightning rider 0 Won the horse race 20
That was delicious That was delicious 0 Won the cooking contest 20
Fisherman I Fisherman I 0 Caught 20 fish 20
Fisherman II Fisherman II 0 Caught 60 fish 20
Fisherman III Fisherman III 0 Caught 150 fish 20
Skill mastery Skill mastery 0 Reached max level for a skill 20
Blue metal Blue metal 0 Upgaded a tool with Octotinium 20
A whole new life A whole new life 0 Got married 20
Mushroom dealer Mushroom dealer 0 Brought a mushroom to Lee 20
I've got you there I've got you there 0 Saved Tobias 20
Kain and abel Kain and abel 0 Sided with Kain 20
No more poison No more poison 0 Sided with Lazarus 20
I hate blackmail I hate blackmail 0 Gave the photos to Otto 20
I love blackmail I love blackmail 0 Gave photos back to Joshua 20
Debt? What debt? Debt? What debt? 0 Helped Garry and Regina pay their debt 20
New barn New barn 0 Upgraded your barn 20
New coop New coop 0 Upgraded your chicken coop 20
I now have a Greenhouse I now have a Greenhouse 0 Had a greenhouse built 20
Better home Better home 0 Upgraded your house 20
Best home Best home 0 Fully upgraded your house 20
Creme fraiche I Creme fraiche I 0 Shipped 100 animal products 20
Creme fraiche II Creme fraiche II 0 Shipped 500 animal products 20
Creme fraiche III Creme fraiche III 0 Shipped 1000 animal products 20
Master Chef Master Chef 0 Cooked every possible food 30
Machinist Machinist 0 Built all machines 20
Benefactor Benefactor 0 Completed all town upgrades 20
Oh no I'm in Oh no I'm in 0 Got inside the Villa 20

Secret Achievements

Husband killer Husband killer 0 Murdered Lee 20
Saw your abuse Saw your abuse 0 Witnessed Lee abusing Matilda 20
Abuse no more Abuse no more 0 Overpowered Lee 20
A scammer darkly A scammer darkly 0 Defeated Evil Denny 20
Annie's fine Annie's fine 0 Defeated Evil Agent 20
That was me That was me 0 Defeated yourself 20
The dream is over The dream is over 0 Defeated the dream that dreams us 30
Goodbye Mr. Mayor Goodbye Mr. Mayor 0 Made Otto commit suicide 20
Goodbye old fool Goodbye old fool 0 Murdered Tobias 20
Forbidden passions Forbidden passions 0 Witnessed James' and Bernadette's affair 20
The good wine The good wine 0 Witnessed Alice drunk 20
In pace requiescat In pace requiescat 0 Discovered Hermaeus Faradouchi's resting place 20