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XIII Achievements

Full list of XIII achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

XIII has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Treasure Found! Treasure Found! 0 Find your first collectable item 10
Medic! Medic! 0 Find 10 Medkits 20
Hard to Kill Hard to Kill 0 Get 20 pieces of Armor 20
Spring break! Spring break! 0 Crash everything at the beach house 20
Yet Another Mystery Yet Another Mystery 0 Find your first document 10
Amateur Investigator Amateur Investigator 0 Find 5 documents 10
Private Eye! Private Eye! 0 Find 10 documents 20
I am a tank now! I am a tank now! 0 Get full armor 10
Do you feel lucky? Do you feel lucky? 0 Kill an enemy with the last bullet of the revolver 20
Sting like a bee Sting like a bee 0 Destroy the punching bag 20
Davey Jones Locker Davey Jones Locker 0 Have XIII drowned 20
Get good Get good 0 Die more than 25 times 20
Pass Out Pass Out 0 Try to reach the truck in Brighton Beach 10
Infiltration Completed Infiltration Completed 0 Find a way into Emerald Base 10
Expert Pilot Expert Pilot 0 Escape the Canyons on a jet 10
I know too much! I know too much! 0 Find 15 documents 20
Stealth Master Stealth Master 0 Eliminate 5 enemies in a row without alerting them 20
Sniper Expert Sniper Expert 0 Eliminate 5 enemies in a row with a headshot with the Dragounov. 20
Headhunter Headhunter 0 Eliminate 15 enemies with a headshot in one level 20
Tough Guy Tough Guy 0 Eliminated 5 enemies with your fists in a row 20
Bar Fighter Bar Fighter 0 Eliminate 20 enemies with Improvised Weapons 20
Invincible Invincible 0 Eliminated 10 enemies without getting hurt 20
That was easy! That was easy! 0 Complete the campaign on easy difficulty 20
Last Word Last Word 0 Empty the magazine of the revolver using the alternative fire mode without missing any shots 30
Finish Him Finish Him 0 Deplete the armor of a fully armored enemy, then kill him with a melee attack 30
Pacifist Pacifist 0 Make it through a level without shooting anyone 30
Friendly Neighbourhood Friendly Neighbourhood 0 Swing from one grappling hook another 3 times without touching the floor 20
Open sesame Open sesame 0 Unlock 15 doors 20
Get to the choppa Get to the choppa 0 Complete sanctuary cliff in under 3 minutes 20
Monster kill Monster kill 0 Kill 4 enemies at once with the bazooka 30
Not so secret now! Not so secret now! 0 Find the secret entrance to Sanctuary 20
Boom! All dead! Boom! All dead! 0 Eliminate 3 or more enemies with one grenade 20
Authentic Cowboy Authentic Cowboy 0 Eliminate 6 enemies with one magazine of the .44 Magnum 50
Made it! Made it! 0 Complete the campaign on medium difficulty 30
Untouchable Untouchable 0 Complete a level without being damaged 50
Catch them all! Catch them all! 0 Find all collectible items 50
Now I understand Now I understand 0 Find all the documents 50
Join the Creed Join the Creed 0 Stab 15 enemies from behind without being noticed 30
Authentic XIII Agent Authentic XIII Agent 0 Complete the campaign on maximum difficulty. 60
Ultimate XIII Ultimate XIII 0 Obtain all the achievements of the game. 70