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Warlock's Tower Achievements

Find all the Warlock's Tower achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Talked to the Warlock Talked to the Warlock 0 Talk to the Evil Warlock for the first time 10
Talked to Jess Talked to Jess 0 Talk to Jess for the first time 15
Reached the Factory Reached the Factory 0 Reach the game's second world 15
Reached the Warehouse Reached the Warehouse 0 Reach the game's third world 30
Reached the Library Reached the Library 0 Reach the game's fourth world 30
Reached the Chambers Reached the Chambers 0 Reach the game's last world 90
Talked to the Hero Talked to the Hero 0 Talk to Lenda do Herói's Hero 30
Talked to Todd Torial Talked to Todd Torial 0 Talk to Puzzle Depot's Todd Torial 30
Talked to Racketboy Talked to Racketboy 0 Talk to the Racketboy himself 30
Talked to Rubick Talked to Rubick 0 Talk to Möira's Rubick 30
Talked to Kim Talked to Kim 0 Talk to Keen's Kim 30
Got the Magic Flag Got the Magic Flag 0 Get the Magic Flag artifact 15
Met the Zombie Met the Zombie 0 lay a stage where there's a Zombie 15
Met the Slime Met the Slime 0 Play a stage where there's a Slime 30
Met the Fleye Met the Fleye 0 Play a stage where there's a Fleye 60
Completed the Dungeon Completed the Dungeon 0 Beat all Dungeon stages 90
Completed the Factory Completed the Factory 0 Beat all Factory stages 90
Completed the Warehouse Completed the Warehouse 0 Beat all Warehouse stages 90
Completed the Library Completed the Library 0 Beat all Library stages 90
Completed the Chambers Completed the Chambers 0 Beat all Chambers stages 90
Beat the Game Beat the Game 0 Finish the game 90