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Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Achievements

Find all the Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 57 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Picking Sides Picking Sides 0 Raised enough gold to hire assistance. 15
Solar Supremacy Solar Supremacy 0 Defeated the monk Bhaalspawn, Balthazar. 25
In Balduran's Image In Balduran's Image 0 Don the sword, shield, helm, and plate of Balduran. 25
Wand Collector Wand Collector 0 Disarm the traps in the lower level of the wizard's dungeon. 15
The Great Detective The Great Detective 0 Solve the Skinner Murders. 15
Best Friends Best Friends 0 Return Wellyn's missing bear. 15
New Ownership New Ownership 0 Put Hendak in charge of the Copper Coronet. 15
Heart of the Abyss Heart of the Abyss 0 Discover the secrets of the Planar Sphere. 15
Close the Eye Close the Eye 0 Destroy the Cult of the Unseeing Eye. 15
Trade Must Flow Trade Must Flow 0 Break the trade monopoly in Trademeet. 15
Fang and Claw Fang and Claw 0 Put a stop to the strange animal attacks at Trademeet. 15
Light in Darkness Light in Darkness 0 Find the source of evil in the temple ruins outside the Umar Hills. 15
No Child Left Behind No Child Left Behind 0 Find and return Garren Windspear's missing child. 15
Freedom Freedom 0 Free the mage, Vithal, in the Underdark. 15
A Battle for the Ages A Battle for the Ages 0 Defeat Kangaxx the demilich. 15
I Dub Thee I Dub Thee 0 See Anomen join the Order of the Most Radiant Heart. 15
Reunited Reunited 0 Reunite Cernd with his estranged family. 15
The Nether Scroll The Nether Scroll 0 Help Edwin track down the Nether Scroll. 15
Planehopper Planehopper 0 Rescue Haer'Dalis from a grim fate. 15
Restored Restored 0 Find a way to break Jaheira's curse. 15
Homecoming Homecoming 0 Help Jan's loved ones. 15
Family Matters Family Matters 0 Help Keldorn settle matters with his family. 15
The Book of Kaza The Book of Kaza 0 Track down the Book of Kaza for Korgan. 15
Sisters Sisters 0 Help Mazzy Fentan's sister. 15
Absolute Power Absolute Power 0 Help Nalia prove the corruption within the Roenall family. 15
True Lord of Murder True Lord of Murder 0 Complete the game on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty. 50

Secret Achievements

A Daring Escape A Daring Escape 0 Escaped from the wizard's dungeon. 15
Across the Sea Across the Sea 0 Set sail for Spellhold. 15
Inmates Running the Asylum Inmates Running the Asylum 0 Rescued an old friend from Spellhold. 15
Return to the Surface Return to the Surface 0 Survived the perils of the Underdark. 15
Staked Staked 0 Defeat the vampire queen, Bodhi, and return the Lanthorn 15
To Hell and Back To Hell and Back 0 Struck down Jon Irenicus and reclaimed your soul. 50
Shadow Ally Shadow Ally 0 Allied yourself with the Shadow Thieves. 15
Friend of Darkness Friend of Darkness 0 Allied yourself with Athkatla's vampire guild. 15
Unknown Risks Unknown Risks 0 Risked the mysterious portal in Spellhold. 15
Took a Chance Took a Chance 0 Took another chance with Saemon Havarian. 15
Hell's Pocket Hell's Pocket 0 Found your way to the pocket plane in Hell. 15
Felling the Giant Felling the Giant 0 Defeated the fire giant Bhaalspawn, Yaga-Shura. 20
Dragon's Demise Dragon's Demise 0 Slew the blue dragon Bhaalspawn, Abazigal. 20
The Seven Statues The Seven Statues 0 Overpowered the drow Bhaalspawn, Sendai. 20
Welcome, Brother Welcome, Brother 0 Recruited Sarevok. 30
A Sister's Sacrifice A Sister's Sacrifice 0 Convinced Imoen to restore Sarevok with her soul. 15
Sieze the Throne Sieze the Throne 0 Destroyed Amellyssan the Blackhearted and took your place as a god. 15
Heavy Is the Head Heavy Is the Head 0 Destroyed Amellyssan the Blackhearted and refused the power of Bhaal. 15
The Fifth Challenge The Fifth Challenge 0 Struck down the Ravager. 30
Twisted Victory Twisted Victory 0 Found and defeated the Twisted Rune. 15
Double Cross Double Cross 0 Double-crossed Matron Mother Ardulace in Ust Natha. 15
Triple Cross Triple Cross 0 Double-crossed Phaere in Ust Natha. 15
Don't Mind Us Don't Mind Us 0 Found and destroyed a hidden mind flayer lair. 25
To the Limit To the Limit 0 Cast Limited Wish and dealt with the results. 15
Friends Like These Friends Like These 0 Discovered a traitor in your midst. 15
Peace At Last Peace At Last 0 Put Yoshimo's soul to rest. 15
Red Dragon Slayer Red Dragon Slayer 0 Slew the red dragon, Firkraag. 15
Shadow Dragon Slayer Shadow Dragon Slayer 0 Slew the shadow dragon, Thaxll'ssillyia. 15
Black Dragon Slayer Black Dragon Slayer 0 Slew the black dragon, Nizidramanii'yt. 15
Silver Dragon Slayer Silver Dragon Slayer 0 Slew the silver dragon, Adalon. 15
Green Dragon Saviour Green Dragon Saviour 0 Used the scroll of reversal to free the green dragon Fil'Yissetat. 15