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Varenje Achievements

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There are 26 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Higher Learning Higher Learning 0 Complete tutorial 25
The Adventure Begins! The Adventure Begins! 0 Collect the first raspberry 25
The first difficulties The first difficulties 0 Solve the first puzzle 25
Handyman Handyman 0 Repair the cable car 25
The plan is ready! The plan is ready! 0 Assemble jam machine drawing 25
Up! Up! 0 Ride the cable car 25
Hunting flies Hunting flies 0 Talk to the spider 25
Get to work Get to work 0 Find the first part of the machine 25
Reliable transport Reliable transport 0 Ride the snail 25
The Little Captain The Little Captain 0 Get the fish driving licence 25
River Depths River Depths 0 Ride the fish 25
Coins collector Coins collector 0 Find the first coin 25
Kind soul Kind soul 0 Pay for the cashier's coffee 25
Long road Long road 0 Fly on the Beetle 25
Lucky Lucky 0 Get a jackpot on the slot machine 25
Mechanical Love Mechanical Love 0 Fix the robots in love 25
Brave Brave 0 Get rid of the spider in the closet 25
Magician Magician 0 Open the safe 25
Home Sweet Home! Home Sweet Home! 0 Get in the house 25
Sledge-bearer Sledge-bearer 0 Find the sledgehammer 25
Cockroach problems Cockroach problems 0 Help the cockroach to open the door 25
Sweet Tooth-piece Sweet Tooth-piece 0 Collect all the sugar 100
Scientist Scientist 0 Solve all the puzzles 100
Mechanic Mechanic 0 Build the jam machine 75
Rise higher! Rise higher! 0 Complete the game 100
Berries Berries 0 Collect 50 Berries 100