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Gift Of Parthax Achievements

Find all the Gift Of Parthax achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Slayer Slayer 0 Defeated 100 enemies 3
Ruthless spellslinger Ruthless spellslinger 0 Defeated 500 enemies 15
Total extinction Total extinction 0 Defeated 1000 enemies 25
Spring cleaner Spring cleaner 0 Completed spring season 25
Through fire and flames Through fire and flames 0 Completed summer season 25
A cloudy day A cloudy day 0 Completed fall season 25
A melting heart A melting heart 0 Completed winter season 25
Immortal Immortal 0 Completed the entire game without a single death 50
Beginning of ends Beginning of ends 0 First death 1
Third time's the charm Third time's the charm 0 Died 3 times 3
Accustomed to death Accustomed to death 0 Died 10 times 5
Collector Collector 0 Collected 2.000 gold 3
Hoarder Hoarder 0 Collected 5.000 gold 5
Rolling in it Rolling in it 0 Collected 10.000 gold 10
Scrooged Scrooged 0 Collected 20.000 gold 25
Keeping stock Keeping stock 0 Collected 10 mana potions 5
Secret of mana Secret of mana 0 Collected 50 mana potions 10
Flood of wisdom Flood of wisdom 0 Collected 99 mana potions 25
Kisses for the bruises Kisses for the bruises 0 Collected 10 health potions 5
Great fairy fountain Great fairy fountain 0 Collected 50 health potions 10
A healthy dosage A healthy dosage 0 Collected 99 health potions 25
Firebug Firebug 0 Completed a challenge with only fire spells equipped 25
Ent hugger Ent hugger 0 Completed a challenge with only earth spells equipped 25
Catching a cold Catching a cold 0 Completed a challenge with only frost spells equipped 25
Very, very frightening Very, very frightening 0 Completed a challenge with only Arcane spells equipped 25
A helping fist A helping fist 0 Casted first ally spell 10
Turn them to ash Turn them to ash 0 Completed entire game using only fire as primary element 175
Hidden potential Hidden potential 0 Added 4 of same kind of rune to a spell, first time 5
Chicken soup Chicken soup 0 Transformed 10 enemies into chickens 10
Complete selection Complete selection 0 Purchased all runes available 10
Collateral damage Collateral damage 0 Damaged more than 5 enemies with the effect of an explosive rune 10
Magic enhancement Magic enhancement 0 Purchased first rune 5
A familiar face A familiar face 0 Completed the tutorial 5
The future brightens The future brightens 0 Gained light magic 25
Darker intensions Darker intensions 0 Gained blood magic 25
A page turned A page turned 0 Read the introduction story 5
A new chapter for Duredyll A new chapter for Duredyll 0 After Parthax' death 25
Legend of Arif Legend of Arif 0 Destroyed all breakable objects for a season 10
Explorer Explorer 0 Find all objects for a season 10
New cloak fundings New cloak fundings 0 Opened a chest with riches 10
Thankfully not a Mimic Thankfully not a Mimic 0 Opened an empty chest 10
Who's the champion now? Who's the champion now? 0 Completed blood moon season 25

Secret Achievements

Ground stomper Ground stomper 0 Defeated Mounorian 25
Setting sun Setting sun 0 Defeated Feykir 25
Endurer of lightning Endurer of lightning 0 Defeated Nereus 25
Bone chiller Bone chiller 0 Defeated Hrist 25
Born in blood Born in blood 0 Defeated Parthax 100