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Worse Than Death Achievements

Find all the Worse Than Death achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The worst night of your life The worst night of your life 0 Survived your high school reunion. 15
Answer the call Answer the call 0 Escaped the hydro dam. 15
Total washout Total washout 0 Found a way through the trailer park. 15
Checked yourself out Checked yourself out 0 Left the hospital. 15
Lower lumber support Lower lumber support 0 Discovered a way out of the sawmill. 15
Whatchou readin' for? Whatchou readin' for? 0 Made your way out of the library. 15
Splitting headache Splitting headache 0 Regained your senses in the hospital. 15
Out of sight, out of mind Out of sight, out of mind 0 Escaped Grace's house without being seen in the trailer park. 20
Cold, black and infinite Cold, black and infinite 0 Got caught by one of the unseen horrors. 15
Stay frosty Stay frosty 0 Ordered a frosty one at Sam's. 15
Mix it up Mix it up 0 Ordered a mixed beverage at Sam's. 15
The classy one The classy one 0 Ordered a glass of red at Sam's. 15
That's disgusting That's disgusting 0 Got the frozen key in the sawmill. 15
It pays to pay attention It pays to pay attention 0 Found the keys in the high school. 15
You're projecting You're projecting 0 Used all three slides in the high school projector. 15
The future looks bright The future looks bright 0 Read the newspaper article about space travel. 30
Stop me if you've heard this one before Stop me if you've heard this one before 0 Read about a very familiar story. 30
Just made it Just made it 0 Escaped to another room and hide. 30
A real bookworm A real bookworm 0 Read every book in the library. 30
Pen pals Pen pals 0 Read three important letters in the trailer park. 30
Ruiner Ruiner 0 Uncovered a disturbing operation throughout town. 30
Twin peeks Twin peeks 0 Discovered what happened to Vanessa. 30
The downward spiral The downward spiral 0 Investigated what Jack has been up to. 35
Broken bones Broken bones 0 Used all three x-rays in the hospital. 30
The way out is through The way out is through 0 Made it back to the lobby in the second high school. 35
Recurring dream Recurring dream 0 Finished the game on Hard difficulty. 90
A neverending nightmare A neverending nightmare 0 Finished the game on Nightmare difficulty. 90
Flawless victory Flawless victory 0 Survived the night on any difficulty without ever getting caught 95
Like a ghost Like a ghost 0 Completed the story on any difficulty without alerting a single monster 95
The worst night of your life The worst night of your life 0 Finished the game on Normal difficulty. 90