Terminator: Resistance Achievements

Full list of Terminator: Resistance achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Terminator: Resistance has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Hasta la vista, baby Hasta la vista, baby 0 Destroy your first T-800. 30
It’s a bird... It’s a bird... 0 Destroy T-800 Flamethrower by shooting its fuel tank. 10
Hacker Hacker 0 Successfully hack 10 devices. 10
Helping Hand Helping Hand 0 Successfully hack a Turret. 5
Tinker Tinker 0 Upgrade your weapon. 10
Turn Up the Radio Turn Up the Radio 0 Use Ryan’s boombox to annoy Alvin. 5
Researcher Researcher 0 Take at least a ‘good’ photo of an enemy. 5
Not a Mission Priority Not a Mission Priority 0 Complete a side objective. 10
Easy Money Easy Money 0 Successfully open 10 locks. 10
Handyman Handyman 0 Successfully craft 5 items. 10
Journalist Journalist 0 Find a note. 5
No Hope No Hope 0 Open the unlockable door in Pasadena. 10
Taste of Your Own Medicine Taste of Your Own Medicine 0 Get an enemy killed by a hacked Turret. 30
Efficient Killer Efficient Killer 0 Kill a Terminator using a Termination Knife. 30
Blackout Blackout 0 Destroy a Skynet Outpost. 30
Still Counts as One Still Counts as One 0 Destroy the T-47 that occupies Pasadena. 30
Priority to Me! Priority to Me! 0 Complete 5 side objectives. 30
Historian Historian 0 Find 10 notes. 30
Close Call Close Call 0 Escape from Pasadena with other survivors. 100
Contact Contact 0 Make contact with the imprisoned Resistance Soldiers. 100
Coming Home Coming Home 0 Find the South Division’s Resistance Shelter. 100
The Tide Is Turning The Tide Is Turning 0 Escape Downtown with Alvin. 100
Fool Me Once... Fool Me Once... 0 Destroy the Infiltrator. 100
Second Generation Second Generation 0 Obtain Skynet security codes from a fallen HK Tank. 100
I'll be Back I'll be Back 0 Complete the game on any difficulty level. 100