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Odallus: The Dark Call Achievements

Full list of Odallus: The Dark Call achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Odallus: The Dark Call has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Long Hunt Long Hunt 0 Play one game session for at least 2 hours 15
Nobleman Nobleman 0 Obtain 10.000 orbs (total) in a single game 20
"There can be only one!" "There can be only one!" 0 Complete the game 20
Relic Hunter Relic Hunter 0 Obtain all Relics 15
WHAT ARYO BOOYIN'? WHAT ARYO BOOYIN'? 0 Spend 6.000 orbs (total) at the Merchant in a single game 15
One does not simply... One does not simply... 0 Reach the final level blocked path 35
Explorer Explorer 0 Open all level paths 35
Steel Claymore Steel Claymore 0 Find the Steel Claymore 20
Tough Boy! Tough Boy! 0 Find the Combat Armor 20
Pieces of Heart Pieces of Heart 0 Find all Heart Pieces 20
Town of Glenfinnan Town of Glenfinnan 0 Complete the Town 15
Dark Forest Area-1 Dark Forest Area-1 0 Complete the Dark Forest A1 15
Aqueducts Area-1 Aqueducts Area-1 0 Complete the Aqueducts A1 15
Aqueducts Area-2 Aqueducts Area-2 0 Complete the Aqueducts A2 15
Underground Temple Underground Temple 0 Complete the Underground Temple 15
Devil’s Peak Devil’s Peak 0 Complete the Devil's Peak 15
Frozen Mines Frozen Mines 0 Complete the Frozen Mines 15
Dark Forest Area-2 Dark Forest Area-2 0 Complete the Dark Forest A2 15
Highlander Highlander 0 Complete entire game with only Haggis' Sword 75
Hunter Hunter 0 Complete entire game with only Hunting Clothes 75
Weapon Bags Weapon Bags 0 Find all Weapon Bags 35
Speedrunner Speedrunner 0 Complete game in less than 2 hours 75

Secret Achievements

I want to believe... I want to believe... 0 ??? 35
Unforeseen Consequences Unforeseen Consequences 0 Obtain all shards 35
Ghost Knight Ghost Knight 0 Find the Dark Armor 75
Quickening Quickening 0 Complete 100% of game in Normal Mode 35
Silver Claymore Silver Claymore 0 Find the Silver Claymore 75
The Final Dimension The Final Dimension 0 Complete game in Veteran Mode 75
Mortal Beheadings Mortal Beheadings 0 Complete 100% of game in Veteran Mode 75