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Titeuf: Mega Party Achievements

Find all the Titeuf: Mega Party achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 13 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Vacation is here! Vacation is here! 0 Complete "Back to School" 60
It's freezing cold It's freezing cold 0 Complete "Snow Class" 60
Dance battle Dance battle 0 Change the music of the breakdancer 60
Golden goal Golden goal 0 Get the soccer ball outside the school 60
Ma'am, I don't feel well Ma'am, I don't feel well 0 Ring for a nurse 60
Hit! Hit! 0 Hit the teacher with a paper ball in "Pop Quiz" 60
Pigeon chase Pigeon chase 0 Chase after the pigeons near Grandpa 60
Cloned fir trees Cloned fir trees 0 Kick all the Christmas trees 60
This isn't for idiots This isn't for idiots 0 Play and win in "Duels of Death" mode 90
Class clown Class clown 0 Unlock all the pranks in "Back to School" 90
Go thaw out Go thaw out 0 Unlock all the pranks in "Snow Class" 90
Faster than its shadow Faster than its shadow 0 Win "The Duel" 3 - 0 60
Cloning is defeated Cloning is defeated 0 Complete "The School Year" 190