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Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times Achievements

Find all the Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 54 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Beastman Killer Beastman Killer 0 Killed 10 Beastmen Ungors. 10
Solo Solo 0 Completed a dungeon or combat event with one Warrior. 25
Down in One Down in One 0 Killed an enemy with more than 20HP in one attack. 20
Troll Slayer Troll Slayer 0 Killed 5 Trolls. 20
Doctor Doctor 0 Healed 100HP in total. 10
Tank Tank 0 Deflected 200 Damage in total. 10
Heroic Heroic 0 Leveled up a warrior to level 5 20
Legendary Legendary 0 Leveled up a warrior to level 10 40
With a Little Luck With a Little Luck 0 Warrior had a hit ratio of 100% at the end of a dungeon 25
Keep Going Keep Going 0 Your party received 200 damage in a single dungeon 10
Compulsive Shopper Compulsive Shopper 0 Purchased 20 items 10
I'm not drunk I'm not drunk 0 Visited all the taverns in the game 20
Traveller Traveller 0 Traveled 5,000 miles 25
An interesting journey An interesting journey 0 Experienced three travel events in the same journey 25
Where is the doctor? Where is the doctor? 0 Finished a dungeon with at least two warriors under 10% health 10
Priest Priest 0 Carried two healing items per character into a dungeon and completed it 20
On the rocks On the rocks 0 Froze 7 enemies in a single attack 40
Sunday Roast Sunday Roast 0 Burnt 7 enemies in a single attack 40
Floor is Lava Floor is Lava 0 18 tiles were burning at the same time 20
Gold Fever Gold Fever 0 Had 10,000 coins in your wallet 50
Dopplegangers Dopplegangers 0 Completed a dungeon with only warriors from a single character class 20
Middenland Middenland 0 Completed all of the Middenland region quests 50
Reikland Reikland 0 Completed all of the Reikland region quests 50
Chicken Chicken 0 Quit 10 dungeons. 5
Before you can see me Before you can see me 0 Finished a dungeon without using melee attacks 10
Friendly Fire Friendly Fire 0 Froze, burnt or poisoned an ally by accident and knocked him down 5
Enemy of my Enemy Enemy of my Enemy 0 Completed the Prologue 10
Bloody Water Bloody Water 0 Completed Middenland Act I 10
Cryptic Cryptic 0 Completed Middenland Act II 10
Puppet Master Puppet Master 0 Completed Middenland Act III 10
Monster Hunt Monster Hunt 0 Completed Middenland Act IV 10
The Castle Gardens The Castle Gardens 0 Completed Middenland Act V 30
The Reflections of Nurgle The Reflections of Nurgle 0 Completed Middenland Act VI 10
The Amber Hammer The Amber Hammer 0 Completed Middenland Act VII 10
Ulric's Folly Ulric's Folly 0 Completed Middenland Act VIII 10
All is Unclean All is Unclean 0 Completed Middenland Act IX 20
Sewer Purge Sewer Purge 0 Completed Reikland Act I 10
Star Gazing Star Gazing 0 Completed Reikland Act II 10
Enter Moulder Enter Moulder 0 Completed Reikland Act III 10
The Bronze Sentinel The Bronze Sentinel 0 Completed Reikland Act IV 10
The Lost Play The Lost Play 0 Completed Reikland Act V 30
Dark Water Dark Water 0 Completed Reikland Act VI 10
Squabbling Children Squabbling Children 0 Completed Reikland Act VII 10
The Carnivale of Dreams The Carnivale of Dreams 0 Completed Reikland Act VIII 10
For Whom the Bell Tolls For Whom the Bell Tolls 0 Completed Reikland Act IX 10
Finders Keepers Finders Keepers 0 Completed Reikland Act X 20
Beginning of the End Beginning of the End 0 Completed Talabecland Act I 10
The Beasts in the Pits The Beasts in the Pits 0 Completed Talabecland Act II 10
Brothers in Arms Brothers in Arms 0 Completed Talabecland Act III 10
Fake Lambs Fake Lambs 0 Completed Talabecland Act IV 30
Red Devils Red Devils 0 Completed Talabecland Act V 10
The Banner of Wrath The Banner of Wrath 0 Completed Talabecland Act VI 10
The Lord of Khorne The Lord of Khorne 0 Completed Talabecland Act VII 20
Talabecland Talabecland 0 Completed all of the Talabecland region quests 50