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Dragon Sinker: Descendants of Legend Achievements

Find all the Dragon Sinker: Descendants of Legend achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

A Journey Begins A Journey Begins 0 Watched the opening. 10
Triple Cast Triple Cast 0 Gathered the 3 main chracters. 10
The Great Blue The Great Blue 0 Obtained a ship. 10
Legendary Weapons Legendary Weapons 0 Gathered the 3 legendary weapons. 10
The Great Escape The Great Escape 0 Broke out of Gelph Prison. 10
A Season of Peace A Season of Peace 0 Earned "A Season of Peace" ending. 10
Capricious Capricious 0 Swapped teams 50 times. 10
Job King Job King 0 Changed jobs 10 times. 10
The Chevalier The Chevalier 0 Clarke joined the party. 10
Job Apprentice Job Apprentice 0 Mastered one job. 10
Divine Temple Divine Temple 0 Met the legendary heroes to undergo a new trial. 10
Descendant of Descendants Descendant of Descendants 0 Used all scrolls on 1 main character. 20
World Peace World Peace 0 Earned "World Peace" ending. 20
Days Filled with Love Days Filled with Love 0 Earned "Days Filled with Love" ending. 20
World Domination World Domination 0 Earned "World Domination" ending. 20
Damage Peddler Damage Peddler 0 Dealt 5000 damage with one attack. 20
A Real Party A Real Party 0 Got all 16 jobs (except animal characters). 30
King of the Jungle King of the Jungle 0 Won a super gorilla playing the lottery. 50
Cat Burglar Cat Burglar 0 Won a super cat playing the lottery. 50
Forest Guru Forest Guru 0 Won a super owl playing the lottery. 50
Tree Ruler Tree Ruler 0 Won a regular gorilla playing the lottery. 50
Brigand of the Night Brigand of the Night 0 Won a regular cat playing the lottery. 50
Wise Owl Wise Owl 0 Won a regular owl playing the lottery. 50
Quest Expert Quest Expert 0 Cleared all the subquests. 70
Job Master Job Master 0 Mastered all jobs. 100
Damage Dealer Damage Dealer 0 Dealt 99999 damage with 1 attack. 100

Secret Achievements

Strongest in the Land Strongest in the Land 0 Defeated the Human Hero. 30
Strongest Beyond Strongest Beyond 0 Defeated the Archdemon General. 30
Strongest of All Strongest of All 0 Defeated Deitus. 30
Enah's Pal Enah's Pal 0 Won 10 rounds against Enah in battle. 100