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Wasteland Remastered Achievements

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There are 35 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Go With The Flow Go With The Flow 0 Repair the Water Pump in Highpool. 20
Credit Approved Credit Approved 0 Deliver the credit card to Headcrusher. 20
The Real Deal The Real Deal 0 Verify the Bloodstaff in Needles. 20
Piles Of Cash Piles Of Cash 0 Earn $50,000 in a single game. 50
Wasteland Warrior Wasteland Warrior 0 Kill 1,000 enemies. 50
Wascal Whomp Wascal Whomp 0 Defeat Harry the Bunnymaster. 50
Ruination Ruination 0 Destroy all targets with the Howitzer. 20
It Finally Does Something It Finally Does Something 0 You get an achievement, and you get an achievement! 10
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 0 Win a game in a Casino. 10
I'm A Professional I'm A Professional 0 Raise a skill to level 6. 20
Committed To The Cause Committed To The Cause 0 Raise an attribute to 30. 20
Moving Up The Ranks Moving Up The Ranks 0 Promote a character to the rank of Corporal. 20
Squad Leader Squad Leader 0 Promote a character to the rank of Sergeant. 20
Officer Material Officer Material 0 Promote a character to the rank of Lieutenant. 30
O Captain! My Captain! O Captain! My Captain! 0 Promote a character to the rank of Captain. 30
Major Trouble Major Trouble 0 Promote a character to the rank of Major. 40
Command Decision Command Decision 0 Promote a character to the rank of Commander. 40
Hell Is For Heroes Hell Is For Heroes 0 Promote a character to the rank of General Argent. 50
A Boss By Any Other Name A Boss By Any Other Name 0 Find Faran Brygo. 30
There’s A New Sheriff In Town There’s A New Sheriff In Town 0 Create a Desert Ranger. 10
Walked A Thousand Miles Walked A Thousand Miles 0 Move 10,000 steps. 20
Viva Las Vegas! Viva Las Vegas! 0 Arrive in Las Vegas 10

Secret Achievements

Not An Animal Lover Not An Animal Lover 0 'Deal' with Rex. 10
Hi, Felicia Hi, Felicia 0 Rescue Felicia from Ugly’s Hideout. 30
Lock It In! Lock It In! 0 Use the correct launch code in the Temple of Blood. 30
To The Max To The Max 0 Reassemble Max in the Las Vegas Sewers. 50
Game Over Man Game Over Man 0 Activate the self-destruct sequence and escape Base Cochise. 100
Mind Games Mind Games 0 Complete Finster’s Mind Maze in Project Darwin. 30
Doppelganger Doppelganger 0 Make a clone in Sleeper Base. 30
Phat Lewt Phat Lewt 0 Open the Main Vault in Sleeper Base. 20
High And Dry High And Dry 0 Defeat Red Ryder. 50
Flashback Flashback 0 Use the crystal ball in Needles. 10
VAX Hax VAX Hax 0 Use the Robot Assembly Station in Base Cochise to create VAX. 10
Ace Up Your Sleeve Ace Up Your Sleeve 0 Rescue Ace. 20
In Squeezins Veritas In Squeezins Veritas 0 Listen to all of the Hobo's auguries. 20