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Graveyard Keeper - Stranger Sins Achievements

Find all the Graveyard Keeper - Stranger Sins achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 21 achievements with a total of 500 points.

Landlord Landlord 0 Bought your first land in the Village. By cheating a sick and helpless old man. 25
Talking Skull Talking Skull 0 Built the tavern. Horadric wishes you were dead now. 25
Good skull Good skull 0 Your tavern's quality is 20! Wow! 25
Well-known skull Well-known skull 0 Your tavern's quality is 40! Double Wow! 25
Epic skull Epic skull 0 Your tavern's quality is 80! Ultra Wow! 25
Employee of the month Employee of the month 0 Yorick became your bartender. For no salary. Slavery? No, he's made of wood! 25
First party First party 0 Threw your first alco-party. The guests remember nothing, but they enjoyed it. 25
Open mic Open mic 0 Put on your first Comedy Show. The guests laughed on command, so everything went good. 25
Locking up the sun Locking up the sun 0 Put on your first concert. Ms. Charm's fans fell into ecstasy and a brawl broke out. 25
Rat race Rat race 0 Organized your first rat race. The winning rat got a giant piece of cheese, choked on it, and died. 25
Best party Best party 0 Threw an excellent alco-party. It's time to open the local drunk tank. 25
Best mic Best mic 0 Put on an excellent Comedy Show. It can't be -- the guests didn't have to be commanded to laugh! 25
Best concert Best concert 0 Put on an excellent concert. Ms. Charm received a marriage proposal from each male spectator. 25
Best race Best race 0 Organized an excellent rat race. Two guests lost everything and drowned themselves. 25
The show must go on The show must go on 0 Organized 15 events. You're a natural-born event manager! 25
Forward to the past Forward to the past 0 Used the archaeological time machine for the first time. And didn't go mad. 25

Secret Achievements

Witnessed him Witnessed him 0 Watched the Master being summon. Is that Grace you feel? 20
A nation divided A nation divided 0 Watched the scene at the Coliseum. Unemployment benefits is everything. 20
Viva la King Viva la King 0 Watched the destruction of the Bridge. Always think before destroying bridges! 20
Read before signing Read before signing 0 Witnessed the Contract signing. Who are "truly guilty men"? 20
King Gerry King Gerry 0 Watched the scene in the bath house. You saw that one coming, didn't you? 20

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