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Airhead Achievements

Full list of Airhead achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Airhead has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Don't Waste Air Don't Waste Air 0 Use an air cylinder without holding Head. 10
Swimming in the Deep Swimming in the Deep 0 Leave Head behind while you go for a swim in the large lake. 25
Interconnected Interconnected 0 Opened every shortcut. 75
Humble Beginnings Humble Beginnings 0 Return to the start of the game. 25
A Real Low Point A Real Low Point 0 Reach the lowest point in the world. 25
The Fastest Way Down The Fastest Way Down 0 Fall the longest possible distance. 25
All Eyes All Eyes 0 Collect every eye in the game. 50
All Ears All Ears 0 Collect every ear in the game. 50
A Mysterious Object A Mysterious Object 0 What is the purpose of this odd object? 25
The Complete Set The Complete Set 0 With all pieces found, it is up to you to piece them together. 50
Air Activated Air Activated 0 Activate your first machine. 15
Light as Air Light as Air 0 Light up the darkness. 15
Air Boost Air Boost 0 Use air to jump higher than ever before. 15
Subnautic-Air Subnautic-Air 0 Dive underwater whith an inflated Head. 15
Assuming Direct Control Assuming Direct Control 0 Take direct control of a machine. 15
Shattering Shattering 0 Break your first window. 15
Final Form Final Form 0 Fully upgrade Head. 75
Symbiosis Symbiosis 0 Find Head. 10
Making Friends Making Friends 0 You filled the larva with air, making friends with an Airhunter. 10
Inside Inside 0 You made your way into the facility. 10
Riding the Rails Riding the Rails 0 You used the tram to get across the abyss. 10
New Head New Head 0 You got your hands on a new head. 10
Water Damage Water Damage 0 You defeated the Constructor. 20
Bursted Bubble Bursted Bubble 0 You defeated the Collector. 20
A New Friend A New Friend 0 You freed the Airhunter, making one more friend. 10
Airheart Airheart 0 Head is safe, but at what cost? 75
Rebirth Rebirth 0 You restarted P.A.I.C., giving the world a second chance. 100
Leave it All Behind Leave it All Behind 0 You open the gate and left P.A.I.C. and Head behind. 100
Like the Wind Like the Wind 0 Save Head within 2 hours. 100