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Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia Achievements

Full list of Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Subterranean Metropolis Subterranean Metropolis 0 Visit Heartstone Trollmarket. 10
Waka Chaka!! Waka Chaka!! 0 Slay 50 Goblins. 50
Below Arcadia Below Arcadia 0 Successfully traverse the tunnels below Arcadia. 10
Geode Journey Geode Journey 0 Successfully get through the Geode Caverns. 15
A Dark Time A Dark Time 0 Survive the Darklands. 20
Subfold Spaceman Subfold Spaceman 0 Successfully complete Akiridion-5. 30
A Dangerous Time A Dangerous Time 0 Successfully survive the Time-pocalypse. 40
Every Villain a Castle Every Villain a Castle 0 Successfully reach Morgana's Castle. 60
A Por-GONE Conclusion A Por-GONE Conclusion 0 Reach the end and reset the Timeline. 80
A Stinky Collection A Stinky Collection 0 Gather all Dirty Socks in any stage. 20
A Stinky Collection Complete A Stinky Collection Complete 0 Gather every Dirty Sock in the game. 75
Trollhunter's Return Trollhunter's Return 0 Defeat every Boss in the game. 75
Gnome Up! Gnome Up! 0 Catch all Gnomes in any stage. 20
Gnome Place to Hide Gnome Place to Hide 0 Catch every Gnome in the game. 75
Horngazel Hunter Horngazel Hunter 0 Collect the Horngazel and get the Treasure in a stage. 50
Hocking Up a Luug Hocking Up a Luug 0 Catch Luug in Trollmarket. 20
Serving Up Sushi Serving Up Sushi 0 Complete a game of Go-Go Sushi. 20
You Gnome What to Do You Gnome What to Do 0 Hit every target without losing a gnome in Omelrug's Gnome Challenge. 15
Fine Gifts Fine Gifts 0 Purchase an item from Bagdwella in Trollmarket. 10
Daylight Armory Daylight Armory 0 Purchase any Armor Upgrade from Vendel. 10
Daylight Complete Daylight Complete 0 Purchase all Armor Upgrades from Vendel. 75
Awesome Sauce! Awesome Sauce! 0 Have an Assist deliver a powerful smash! 15
Rise Trollhunter! Rise Trollhunter! 0 Reach new heights with an Assist! 15
Aja VOOM! Aja VOOM! 0 Take a ride on an Akiridion Hoverboard. 15
Hisirdoux Helps Hisirdoux Helps 0 Call for a healing Assist! 15
New and Improved New and Improved 0 Upgrade any Assist. 10
Fleshbag in the Bag Fleshbag in the Bag 0 Complete the game in Human (Normal) Mode. 40
Here Come Troll-ble Here Come Troll-ble 0 Complete the game in Troll (Hard) Mode. 100
Quest Bester Quest Bester 0 Complete 3 side quests in the game. 10