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Concept Destruction Achievements

Full list of Concept Destruction achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Concept Destruction has 16 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Artist The Artist 0 Get to the paint zone in "The Rooftop" 15
The Bully The Bully 0 Destroy car "TIFA X/2" using car "ZIP JX" 15
The Champion The Champion 0 Win the Championship 30
The Collector The Collector 0 Pick up 5 batteries from other cars (it doesn't need to happen in a single event) 40
The Escapist The Escapist 0 Get out of the arena in "The Bulls" 90
The Hater The Hater 0 Destroy a rival car in Tourism mode 90
The Killer The Killer 0 Destroy a rival car 90
The Learner The Learner 0 Pass all school lessons 30
The Pilot The Pilot 0 Jump and stay in air for more than 3 seconds 30
The Player The Player 0 Hit the hidden ball in "The Stadium" 30
The Rebel The Rebel 0 Get out of the driving area in School 90
The Roofer The Roofer 0 Drive on the roof in "The Plaza" 90
The Scorer The Scorer 0 Drive through one of the goal posts in "The Stadium" 90
The Serial Killer The Serial Killer 0 Destroy 3 rival cars in a single event 90
The Survivor The Survivor 0 Survive over 3 minutes in Survival mode 90
The Tourist The Tourist 0 Drive over 5 minutes in Tourism mode 90