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Project CARS 3 Achievements

Find all the Project CARS 3 achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Slightly Mad Racer Slightly Mad Racer 0 Earned all other achievements 0
Here's The Keys Here's The Keys 0 Purchased your first car. 10
The Journey Begins The Journey Begins 0 Completed the first Career race. 10
Mastering the trade Mastering the trade 0 Mastered your first track. 10
The Treble The Treble 0 Completed all 3 Career Objectives in a single Career Event. 20
New Challenger Approaching New Challenger Approaching 0 Posted a time or score in a completed Rivals Event. 10
Deserved Recognition Deserved Recognition 0 Earned your first Career Accolade. 10
Right On Time Right On Time 0 Competed in a scheduled online race. 10
Splish Splash Splish Splash 0 Won a 3+ Lap race in Thunderstorm conditions. 10
Stickered Stickered 0 Applied multiple decals to a car. 20
Pace Setter Pace Setter 0 Competed in 3 different Pace Setter events. 30
Bargain Hunter Bargain Hunter 0 Purchased a car from the Showroom that's discounted in the 'Daily Deal'. 20
A Smashing Time A Smashing Time 0 Smashed 100 targets in Breakout. 20
Grease Monkey Grease Monkey 0 Applied upgrades to a road car that took it into the next road car class. 30
Achieving Those Goals Achieving Those Goals 0 Completed a total of 25 Career Objectives. 30
Track Master In Training Track Master In Training 0 Mastered 3 different tracks. 30
Perfectionist Perfectionist 0 Perfected over 100 corners. 30
Custom Plates Custom Plates 0 Altered the license plate on 3 or more vehicles. 20
Making Contacts Making Contacts 0 Unlocked 5 Career Invitational Events. 20
Rapid Fire Racer Rapid Fire Racer 0 Competed in 10 Multiplayer Quick Races. 30
Smashed It Smashed It 0 Competed in 5 different Breakout events. 20
Under The Hood Under The Hood 0 Completed a race using either the 'High Speed' or 'High Grip' Tuning Presets in a race car. 20
Silverware Silverware 0 Won your first Career Championship. 30
Taskmaster Taskmaster 0 Earned 20 Accolades. 30
Seasoned Racer Seasoned Racer 0 Reached Player Level 2 40
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted 0 Completed 20 Career Objectives in Challenge Events 30
Goal Orientated Goal Orientated 0 Completed 50 Career Objectives. 40
Stripped To The Bone Stripped To The Bone 0 Upgraded a Road spec car to Race Spec with a 'Race Conversion'. 30
Making Adversaries Making Adversaries 0 Posted a time or score in 10 unique Rivals Events. 40
Maximising Potential Maximising Potential 0 Upgraded a race car to its highest possible Performance Index Rating (PIR). 40
They Call Me The Track Master They Call Me The Track Master 0 Mastered 15 different tracks. 50
Objectively Brilliant Objectively Brilliant 0 Completed 100 Career Objectives. 40
Car Collector Car Collector 0 Purchased 25 unique cars. 40
Silverware Collection Silverware Collection 0 Won 5 different Championships in Career. 40
Overcome Your Rivals Overcome Your Rivals 0 Earned 300 Rival Points in a single season 40
Objectively Mad Objectively Mad 0 Completed 200 Career Objectives. 50
Veteran Racer Veteran Racer 0 Reached Player Level 3 50