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Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire Achievements

Full list of Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire has 44 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

SisRo Master SisRo Master 0 Unlock all the achievements 100
Easy Mode Cleared Easy Mode Cleared 0 EASY Mode Cleared Once 10
Nomal Mode Cleared Nomal Mode Cleared 0 NORMAL Mode Cleared Once 10
Hard Mode Cleared Hard Mode Cleared 0 HARD Mode Cleared Once 10
Sonay Cleared Sonay Cleared 0 Sonay Cleared Once 10
Selma Cleared Selma Cleared 0 Selma Cleared Once 10
Ece Cleared Ece Cleared 0 Ece Cleared Once 10
Nur Cleared Nur Cleared 0 Nur Cleared Once 10
Lale Cleared Lale Cleared 0 Lale Cleared Once 10
5 Sisters Cleared 5 Sisters Cleared 0 All 5 Sisters Cleared Once 10
Dodge Pro Dodge Pro 0 No Continuation Cleared Once 10
God of Dodge God of Dodge 0 Hard Mode with No Continuation Cleared 75
Storyteller Storyteller 0 Game Cleared with All Scenes Watched 10
Omnipotent Omnipotent 0 Game Cleared with No Damage Taken 10
Peacemaker Peacemaker 0 Game Cleared without Using Bombs 10
Demon Score Demon Score 0 Game Cleared with Score over 2,000,000,000 Points 40
SSS Player SSS Player 0 Got SSS Player Rank 75
Sonay Master Sonay Master 0 Sonay got over S Rank 10
Sonay Expert Sonay Expert 0 Sonay got over SS Rank 10
Selma Master Selma Master 0 Selma got over S Rank 10
Selma Expert Selma Expert 0 Selma got over SS Rank 10
Ece Master Ece Master 0 Ece got over S Rank 10
Ece Expert Ece Expert 0 Ece got over SS Rank 10
Nur Master Nur Master 0 Nur got over S Rank 10
Nur Expert Nur Expert 0 Nur got over SS Rank 10
Lale Master Lale Master 0 Lale got over S Rank 10
Lale Expert Lale Expert 0 Lale got over SS Rank 10
5 Sisters Master 5 Sisters Master 0 Obtained Player Rank SS or Higher for All Sisters 40
Audacious Audacious 0 Over 100,000 x8Actions Done in Normal Play 40
Millionaire Millionaire 0 Over 1,000,000 Coins Obtained in Normal Play 40
Thank you!♡ Thank you!♡ 0 Played Over 30 Times in Total in Normal Play 10
Tomb Breaker Tomb Breaker 0 Destroyed All Tombs in Stage 1 During One Session in Normal Play 10
Nice Skater Nice Skater 0 Rode Ice for Over 30 Seconds in Stage 2 During One Session in Normal Play 10
Encounter Encounter 0 Made All Secret Fairies Appear in Stage 3 During One Session in Normal Play 10
Cat-eyed Sister Cat-eyed Sister 0 Defeated All Bosses Without Lighting Lamps in Stage 4 in Normal Play 10
Devil King Hunter Devil King Hunter 0 Defeated All Bosses by Using Summoning Skills in Stage 5 in Normal Play 10
True Shooter True Shooter 0 Game Cleared by Only Shooting 10
Use True Skill Use True Skill 0 Game Cleared by Only Summoning 10
Fairy Collector Fairy Collector 0 Obtained All Secret Fairies in All Stages During One Session 10
All Goes Well All Goes Well 0 Collected 80 Coins Scattered in One Hit in Normal Play 40
Tagging Master Tagging Master 0 Survived Over 40 Seconds in Overtime During Boss Battle in Normal Play 40
Indifferent Indifferent 0 Cleared Stage in HARD Mode Without Taking a Single Coin from Chest Set in Normal Play 40
Compassionate Compassionate 0 Cleared Stage Without Defeating Low-Level and Mid-Tier Enemies During Single Session in Normal Play 75
Exterminator Exterminator 0 Defeated 100% of Low-Level Enemies, Mid-Tier Enemies, and Bosses in All Stages 75