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Sail Forth Achievements

Full list of Sail Forth achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Sail Forth has 47 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Tootorial Tootorial 0 Finished the Tutorial. 10
In Service Of Glory And Valor In Service Of Glory And Valor 0 Received all of the Croaker Medals from Admiral Picklepea. 30
Enter The Croakers Enter The Croakers 0 Had a chat with Agent Croquet in the Autumn Isles. 10
Fish And Tips Fish And Tips 0 Got a helpful Fish Tip from ol' Anglerwranglest Kerblapp. 5
Blowfish Me Down Blowfish Me Down 0 Won a game of Blowfish with Kerblapp and Othoo. 15
Crushed Ice Crushed Ice 0 Knocked over an Ice Spire onto an enemy vessel. 15
Pengy Fun Pengy Fun 0 Startled a pengy into jumping into the water for a swim. 5
Over The Moon Over The Moon 0 Recieved all of the Royal Moonflowers from Majesty Nausicaa. 20
Fish Kabob Fish Kabob 0 Harpooned a Tainted Barnacle from a Sea Creature. 5
This Magik Moment This Magik Moment 0 The Magik Shell Shop is open for business. 10
Don't I Know You? Don't I Know You? 0 Visited Captain Toot and Goose in the Postgame. 10
Sail Forth! Sail Forth! 0 Finished the game and sail off into the sunset. 100
Baby's First Thingamabob Baby's First Thingamabob 0 Conveyed a strange Ancient Junk relic to a Lightkeeper. 10
Whosits And Whatsits Galore Whosits And Whatsits Galore 0 Delivered every piece of Ancient Junk to the Lightkeepers. 30
Hook, Line and Stinker Hook, Line and Stinker 0 Caugh every fish and complete your collection. 30
Shooting Star Shooting Star 0 Photographed everything for Snapps and complete your collection. 30
Getting Hooked Getting Hooked 0 Filled out half of your Fish Collection. Keep it up! 15
Snapping Turtle Snapping Turtle 0 Filled your Photo Collection halfway. Nice work! 15
Gateway Slug Gateway Slug 0 Spent a modest amount of Boat Parts at Shipshape Shops. 5
I Don't Like The Slugs I Don't Like The Slugs 0 Spent an abnormal amount of Boat Parts at the Shipshape Shops. 10
But The Slugs Like Me But The Slugs Like Me 0 Spent a preposterous amount of Boat Parts at the Shipshape Shops. 15
This Is Fine This Is Fine 0 What's that smell? Is something burning? 5
Great Balls Of Fire Great Balls Of Fire 0 Lit an enemy vessel on fire. 10
Race In Yo Face Race In Yo Face 0 Won a race against Zimothy and Dexter. 15
Built For Speed Built For Speed 0 Defeated the Deep Six at least once in every World. 30
Nice Shootin' Duds Nice Shootin' Duds 0 Completed one of Wesley Dudshooter's target courses. 15
Crackshot Crackshot 0 Completed all of Wesley Dudshooter's target courses. 30
Light Up the Night Light Up the Night 0 Completed your first Light Prism event with the Lightkeepers. 15
Lights Out Lights Out 0 Completed all of the Lighthouse Prism events. 30
Crovert Ops Crovert Ops 0 Tracked down an illegal trader for the Croakers. 15
Croaker Command's Most Wanted Croaker Command's Most Wanted 0 Completely shut down the illegal trade ring for the Croakers. 30
Sweeter Than Honey Sweeter Than Honey 0 Concluded the sticky situation between Marley and Scampy. 15
Wind Master Wind Master 0 Kept your sails perfectly adjusted for at least 15 seconds. 15
Boarding Party Boarding Party 0 Successfully boarded an enemy vessel. 10
Davy Jones Davy Jones 0 Sunk your first enemy vessel. 10
Tekk Savvy Tekk Savvy 0 Captured a Tekk Clan Tanker. 10

Secret Achievements

By The Power Of Underskull By The Power Of Underskull 0 Defeated the Skull Clan Gang Boss, Marga Underskull! 40
Aggro Kreb Aggro Kreb 0 Defeated the Island Crested Crustacean, Giant Enemy Kreb! 40
No More Splosions No More Splosions 0 Defeated the Autogarch Tek Tyrant, Gelgar Rumbleshunt! 40
Polar Pontification Polar Pontification 0 Defeated the Ocean Ice Gargant, Coldcrust Glimmerfist! 40
Total Eclipse of the Eel Total Eclipse of the Eel 0 Defeated the Embiggened Barnacle Moray, Volcanic Leviathan! 40
All Good Things... All Good Things... 0 Defeated the Oscillating Deadrock Doombringer, Cosmic Saucership! 40
Guiding Light Guiding Light 0 Helped Wayward Bello recover the Aurora Lantern. 20
1.21 Ribbi*****ts 1.21 Ribbi*****ts 0 Helped the C.C.C. build the Frogghammer. 20
Fish On Fish On 0 Helped the Anglerwranglers catch a Wranglerfish. 20
For Whom The Bells Toll For Whom The Bells Toll 0 Helped the Moontiders free Majesty Nausicaa from the Magik Sphere. 20
What's Krakalackin? What's Krakalackin? 0 Defeated the Betentacled Prism Realm Guardian, Eternal Night Kraken! 30